Kiran Branch speaks to Gill Sinclair and Shabir Daya, founders of super health site Victoria Health, to find out why they're so passionate about natural supplements and what we should be taking

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Inspired by a passion for natural health, super supplement site  was founded by Shabir Daya  and Gill Sinclair and has since garnered a reputation as the go-to site for the most innovative natural health supplements around, coupled with expert advice from those in the know, such as Daya himself - a specialist pharmacist with over twenty years’ experience.

GTG sat down with the natural health and wellbeing advocates to talk about the secret to their success, their commitment to improving the health of their customers and which supplements we should all be taking.


What was your background prior to setting up Victoria Health?

I came from the corporate world, so quite a profound change!

What led you to create the website?

Victoria Health were a chain of shops with some pretty extraordinary products; Shabir and I wanted to take these products to a wider audience and the website was born.

How would you describe your ethos?

We have a huge responsibility in helping to make a positive difference to the lives of our customers, so integrity and honesty are core values.

What would you attribute Victoria Health's huge growth and success to?

Many things, but primarily putting the health and wellbeing of our customers first and having the expert knowledge (Shabir is a qualified pharmacist) to help guide our customers through the minefield of health and beauty. I am also indebted to the press for supporting and believing in the work we do.  We started on The Sunday Times and were featured weekly for three years on the now defunct ‘What’s The Alternative’ column, and we have looked after the health and wellbeing of The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine readers for nearly ten years.

Do you think there is more of a trend towards natural health now than in the past?

The trend has always been there, but I think people have become far more discerning over the past few years about the products they choose to take and the efficacy of those products; supplements are not created equally and one of our missions is to ensure that we recommend the very best products, with its correct therapeutic dosage, in every category of health.

What is your criteria for picking products for the site?

I love supporting and growing niche brands and the overall criteria is that a product has to do what it says on the bottle and give results. We know the ingredients that work and we know the ingredients that will have little, if any, impact. We carry out rigorous research and testing and in the case of skincare it needs to be said that there is a lot of hype around anti-ageing ‘clinicals’, most of which should be discounted in my opinion. A clinical is only truly valid if it is carried out on the entire formulation, not a single ingredient.

What are the your top five best-selling supplements?

Hyaluronic Acid  (HA) £35

Skin Restoring Phytoceramides , £25

Fulphyl , £160

Mega-Probiotic ND , £18.50

Magnolia Rhodiola Complex , £26

Who do you admire in the health industry and why?

The scientists and researchers who work tirelessly to help bring innovative and cutting-edge products to the world.

What are your five general rules for a healthier, happier life?

Be true to yourself; if you dream it, you can do it; learn to say ‘no’; give of yourself wherever you can; share; be brave against the face of adversity; only hold hands with those you trust… Oh, and take cutting edge supplements… I think that’s eight!


What is your background and speciality?

I am a qualified pharmacist specialising in natural health products.

Which five supplements would you recommend to enhance overall health and wellbeing?

Fulphyl , £160; Mega-Probiotic ND , £18.50; Vitamin D3 , £17.75; Astaxanthin , £17; and a good food-state multi-nutrient, such as Alive , £28.

What are your top tips for those interested in anti-ageing?

Anti-ageing is an inside/out process, so I recommend therapeutic supplementation such as HA and Skin Restoring Ceramides, which have been extensively studied, together with a good diet and lifestyle. There are many excellent topicals and the brands I particularly like are Innovative Skincare, Julisis and Derma E.

What are the benefits of buying better quality supplements on Victoria Health rather than high street versions?

The key to all supplementation is the availability of the nutrients to the body; many supplements are formulated without checking on the bio-availability to the body and many use synthetic, or semi-synthetic nutrients within their formulation, which may not be as efficacious as cutting edge supplementation. It is my role to research thoroughly and only recommend products that will deliver results.

How can people find out if they have deficiencies so that they can buy the correct supplements?

Blood tests can be carried out to determine nutrient deficiencies, if any, but we also have an extensive editorial section that highlights deficiency symptoms with recommended products.

Are there any common supplement ingredients that we should avoid?

Avoid synthetic colouring agents, which many manufacturers use and as above, avoid synthetic supplementation.

Are there any supplement myths that you would like to dispel?

As Gill has referred to above, not all supplements are created equally and the strength of a nutrient is not always indicative of efficacy and can actually be detrimental to the body.

What are your thoughts on detoxing?

Detoxification should be carried out regularly and the best time to detox is at the beginning of each season, but definitely not in the cold winter months of January and February.

Who do you admire in the health industry and why?

The pioneering research scientists who devote their lives for the better health and wellbeing of each of us.  I am particularly fascinated with the work of Dr Miyayama and his extensive research on Fulvic Acid and its numerous health benefits.

What are your five general rules for a healthier, happier life?

Ensure you get enough sleep; try and keep stress levels under control; eat a healthy and nutritious diet whenever possible, but don’t deprive yourself of foods you love – everything in moderation; take regular exercise and smile!

What do you wish you could change in the health industry?

Mediocrity in supplementation.