If you haven’t quite let go of Christmas and are loathe to the idea of a detox, this short e-book will be of great comfort this winter

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The winter months, and especially the post Christmas period, aren’t necessarily when we’re feeling at our perkiest. Many of us launch into a January diet and exercise blitz to try to offset the effects of gorging on Quality Street and mainlining mulled wine over the festive period, but seeing as that ‘all or nothing’ approach rarely works for the majority of us in the long run, it’s time to find another, altogether more reasonable approach. Enter nutritional therapist of the moment Amelia Freer , and her Winter e-short, which is available to purchase at our newly launched e-guide marketplace . We’re trying to make easing into the new year as easy as possible; here’s a lowdown on this sensible, seasonal guide…

What is it?

A comprehensive, concise handbook on achieving a balanced, health giving diet and lifestyle over the winter months. Squirrel it away on your tablet for next Christmas too; you’ll enjoy party season in a totally new way, without the guilt or groggy head. There are six moreish recipes to further convince you.

Who is it for?

Anyone that’s quite literally sick of the ‘binge-starve’ cycle that seems to characterise the winter months. Amelia will free(r- sorry) you from the clutches of juice cleanses and diet fads, but there’s a little ‘tough love’ involved too; breaking the habits of a lifetime can be tricky, but once you’ve accepted that a million mince pies won’t make you look or feel good at the time, let alone in January, her grounded, ‘real food’ ethos is very appealing indeed. There is a recipe for Quick & Easy Gluten Free Mince Pies if you do miss them, but of course don’t go nuts.

What’s the main message?

That it’s a natural human inclination to hibernate and seek warm, filling foods at this time of year, and swerve exercise owing to cold, rainy weather, but also that our usual circuit of late partying followed up by extreme diet and exercise programmes isn’t actually restful at all, and it’s certainly not nourishing our bodies or minds. Amelia highlights that our lifestyle and choices have a ‘drip feed’ effect on our wellbeing; positive habits and healthy eating should extend far beyond January or bikini season. This guide advocates a well rounded view of food and exercise; give yourself a break and go out and enjoy yourself when you want to, but make smart decisions and give yourself time and space to recuperate and lead a healthier life.

What will I learn?

That focusing on the tasty things you can eat is far more rewarding than obsessing about the food that’s not good for you. Also, tend to yourself like a garden. Amelia’s horticultural analogy will make you think about taking care of yourself in a refreshing new way.

Any final takeaways?

After gobbling this up you’ll be brewing up bone broth with ease, stocking up on healthy, seasonal food and lusting after a slow cooker. Also, the Chewy Chocolate, Almond & Cranberry Brownies are as gratifying as any takeaway we’ve come across.

Eat.Nourish.Glow: Winter by Amelia Freer, 99p,  visit our guide marketplace here to download

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