Looking for easy, healthy dinner ideas that work for either working week or weekend? Honestly Healthy’s guide serves up a treat in our (e)books

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With the demand for gluten-free foods and recipes reaching an all-time high, it’s high time that an e-(cook)book hit our tablets and smartphones to match it in terms of taste, variety and actual time we have to spare. Someone somewhere must have heard our cries from the kitchen though, as Honestly Healthy’s collection of delicious gluten-free pasta recipes has come just in time to provide a menu of intolerance-free treats...

Hating the word, ‘diet’ with a passion, author and Alkaline foodie Natasha Corrett has a refreshingly realistic perspective about the world of healthy eating. “It’s all about moderation and balance, happiness and feeling fantastic!” she says and it’s an ethos matched perfectly by her e-book which is available to purchase at our newly launched e-guide marketplace . Changing perceptions of the potential of gluten-free pasta, here’s why we can’t put it down...

What is it?

15 vegetarian, gluten-free pasta recipes inspired by a trip to Italy that Natasha took. With easy to source ingredients (and optional slightly more exotic alternatives too), suggestions of different types of gluten-free pastas to try and handy tips for packed lunches included also, it’s the ideal working week companion for healthy but hearty weekday meals.

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting to prepare quick, easy, healthy meals and those looking to cater for people with gluten intolerances or preferences. It comes particularly into its own should you be hosting a dinner party and when cooking for family, side-stepping the hassle of cooking separate meals to suit.

What’s the main message?

That gluten-free, vegetarian meals are easier, quicker and tastier than most people think. The recipes each serve from 2 to 4 people, with prep and cooking time separated for ease of forward planning. From the 15 minute ‘Asian Coconut Lime and Rice Noodle One Pot Wonder’ to the 1 hour and 5 minute ‘Sweet Potato Pasta with Crispy Kale and Roast Tomatoes’ dish, this e-book provides a variety of options to suit either the end of a long day or a meal with friends. Will you need the culinary talents (and kitchen tool kit) of a Michelin Star chef? Thankfully, not. Just the basics and a food processor and/or blender for maximum efficacy. Each recipe is rated from ‘Simple’ to ‘Moderate’ to suit any skill set.

What will I learn?

Essentially that gluten-free pasta dishes can be just as tasty as their non gluten-free counterparts.

Any final takeaways?

Try cooking the ‘Pasta Frittata with Roast Green Veg and Zingy Pesto’ - è bello.

Honestly Healthy Gluten Free Pasta e-book, £6.25,  visit our e-guide marketplace here to download .

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