Want to supersize your spiralizer? Then this e-book has recipes galore to help unleash its full potential...

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As far as go-to kitchen gadgets go, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more addictive than a spiralizer. However, if you’ve fallen into a courgetti rut as of late (easily done) and are looking for some new ways to up your gourmet game, then Natasha Corrett and Honestly Healthy have the perfect answer - their Spiralizer Recipe E-book crammed full of culinary inspiration. Here’s why we rate it as a plant-based page turning must-read...

What is it?

15 gluten-free, wheat-free and cow dairy-free recipes, each providing new and delicious ways to get maximum spiralizing bang for your buck. All are vegetarian and cover breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas comprehensively.

Who is it for?

All levels - from amateur to master chefs looking to get their healthy eating fix come weekday or weekend. Recipes are relatively quick to prepare (40 minutes max including prep and cooking time) and the varied ingredients lists are ideal for providing a new array of pantry staples into your weekly shopping lists.

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What’s the main message?

That there’s more than one way to use a spiralizer. Whether it’s ways to pimp your courgetti (the Creamed Avocado with Courgetti and Poached Egg is just as delicious as it sounds) to the Carrot & Parsnip Curly Fries - there really is something for everyone and every occasion.

What will I learn?

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of meat in your diet, this e-book is a great way to start in terms of incorporating more vegetarian meals into your weekly menu. As for those well-versed in the vegetarian way of life - it provides a roster of healthy but hearty recipes to get your creative juices flowing.

Any final takeaways?

Although not essential, a food processor will definitely come in handy for a couple of the recipes as will a desire to venture into the unknown should the idea of meat-free meals be on the outer limits of your comfort zone. Trust us though, it’s worth the leap.

Spiralizer Recipe E-book, £6.25.  Visit our e-guide marketplace here to download it straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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