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Not feeling or looking lively and can’t work out why? Editor of Hip and Healthy Sadie Reid and her ballet dancer sister Saskia Gregson-Williams have been there. From eczema to stomach cramps to general exhaustion, the two were troubled by health blips and mood swings until they turned their diets and attitudes to taking care of themselves around; a bit of TLC and a focus on getting as much nutritional bang for their buck out of every ingredient possible quite literally worked wonders. Both have thrived in terms of happiness, career success and health ever since giving up the junk and embracing fresh, wholesome food; they’re clearly onto something.

What is it?

A colourful collection of 70 dairy and sugar free recipes (30 breakfasts, 15 lunches, 10 dinners and 16 snacks), along with a ‘homemade’ cleanse programme, which somewhat cruelly follows on from the treat section. The warming soups, filling smoothies and abundance of avocado involved should keep you satisfied however if you decide to embark on the ‘detoxing’ aspect. Even without that, the imagination and variety on offer here is impressive.

Who is it for?

If you’re doing your best to dodge sugar, but the prospect of Carob Oreo Style Cookies and Almond Butter Ice Cream has you week at the knees, this healthy handbook is sure to address both your appetite and desire for something indulgent once in awhile.

If you’re lactose intolerant or choose not to eat dairy, all of these recipes should go down well too, especially given that these smart siblings have come up with convincing cheese alternatives, so the likes of aubergine parmigiana are still very much on the menu.

Lastly, if you’re active, sporty or get bored easily, the Hip and Healthy Kitchen will have you at hello; meals have been road tested by a professional dancer, fitness editor and team of cyclists for their energy boosting and stamina sustaining capabilities, and the simple swap-ins and sheer volume of recipes will keep restless cooks busy.

What’s the main message?

That by and large everything you eat needs to serve a nutritional purpose, but that rule of thumb by no means need result in dull, uninviting food. You can have your cake and eat it too, but try tweaking traditional ingredients and most definitely make it yourself.

What will I learn?

That niggles you’re simply passing off as ‘part of life’ could be vastly improved by adopting a more natural, nourishing diet. Also, apparently you have a one in four chance of being intolerant to dairy. Get sieving that nut milk.

Any final takeaways?

If you’re vegan, this guide will quite literally provide much food for thought. Chia seeds and bananas can work beautifully in place of eggs, and thankfully for everyone, carbs aren’t the enemy here. Just make sure you’re getting the good ones.

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