Queen Bey and hubby Jay-Z are currently trying a 22-day vegan diet. Katie Robertson reports

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Always and forever loyal fans of Mr & Mrs Carter, we’re certainly not ones to criticise - but our Queen Bey is well known for her ruthless exercising and radical dieting habits. We all remember the maple syrup and cayenne pepper juice cleanse, right? Pretty extreme. However, her new calorie counting plan which she has embarked upon with husband Jay-Z has caught the Glossy Posse’s attention and we’ve got to say we’re more ‘pro’ than ‘no’.

On the 3rd of December (one day before his 44th birthday), Jay-Z announced that he and his wife Beyonce would be taking on a 22-day vegan challenge or ‘plant-based’ diet, and essentially cutting out all animal-based products until Christmas Day.

So, the pair have been brave enough to cut out the party food frippery but not too gung-ho as to miss out on the unavoidable festive turkey and its well esteemed sidekicks, the pigs in blanket; a safe compromise indeed.

Apparently inspired by a close friend of the couple, this diet is in a bid to achieve a ‘spiritual and physical cleanse’ and is a trend that seems to be gathering popularity in the current dieting domain . More and more nutritionists are highlighting the ability for us to the get the sufficient levels of protein, calcium and vitamins in our diets, without compromising on our health, waistlines or the immoral side of meat production. It’s a win-win.

Add in the extra benefits of greater energy, clearer skin and a tighter tummy and it’s hard to see the down side. However, if unlike the R&B duo you’re unable to shake the steak permanently, it’s strongly recommended by health experts that we all try and introduce just one vegan meal a day - in this case, even a little goes a long way. That’s the kind of eating plan we can get on board with.