What would Beyonce do? It’s a motto us Glossies often refer to and according to Queen B a healthy lifestyle is simply a matter of habit

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When Beyonce rocked up at The Met Ball  last week in a barely-there Givenchy gown, sartorial and hair opinions aside, no one could deny her amazing figure. So what’s the secret behind her killer body? The answer is simple: a lifestyle built on healthy habits.

Having dabbled with fad diets and unrealistic quick fixes (openly admitting to completing the maple syrup diet for 10 days to get in shape for her role in Dreamgirls) it was the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy that sparked a change in her attitude.

“After having my daughter, I made a conscious effort to regain control of my health and my body… But I didn’t want to do a crash diet. I was a mom now. I needed to change my ways and set an example for my child.”

Turning her back on a cycle of yo-yo dieting, Beyonce changed her approach to food thanks to Marco Borges’ 22 Day Revolution. Also loved by J-Lo, the crux of the plan is the theory that is takes 22 days to create a new habit. The guide advocates the power of mind over matter and promotes the idea that once you train your brain in a certain way the rest becomes easy. In other words, new healthy habits may be hard to incorporate at first but the longer you stick to them the easier they get.

This attitude to a healthy lifestyle is one that Get The Gloss fully embraces. We are not about starving yourself or ridiculous eating plans (anyone that has tried Project Bikini  can vouch for this) but more about the realistic changes that will make you feel better inside and out.

Looking to create some new healthy habits? Well you’re in luck. We’ve come up with the seven new habits that you can add to your routine in one handy box.

Eat breakfast and make it healthy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the sooner you get on board with this habit the better. Eating breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, boosts your energy levels and sets an intention for a day of healthy eating. Most people skip breakfast because they run out of time but there’s no excuse with The Chia Co’s nutrient packed Oats & Chia. Simply add water to this combo of oats, chia and berries to create a creamy breakfast delight that is low-GI, bursting with Omega 3 and the perfect balance of fibre and protein.

Pimp your porridge

Adding a sprinkle of superfood to your breakfast (porridge or not) is a perfect way to pack in the goodness first thing. The powdered fruit of the Baobab tree is one of the finest superfoods out there and a great place to start. Containing one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruits plus vitamin C, calcium, potassium and thiamin, this zingy powder will banish grogginess, boost your immune system and give you great skin in one.

Look after your gut

Gut health sure ain't glam but it's key to achieving optimum wellness. The balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut is essential for digestive health but also boosts immunity and promotes healthy skin. Taking a probiotic will help with this and Udo’s Choice Super 8 Microbiotics is our go-to choice. Containing eight strains of beneficial bacteria this is one habit that’s super easy to stomach.

Jazz up your lunch

Packing your lunch with nourishing goodness will leave you satisfied and ready to take on whatever the afternoon might bring. These handy shots of chia seeds can be sprinkled on soups or salads and provide antioxidants, omega 3, protein and fibre in one quick hit. Make a habit of stuffing in your handbag, desk drawer or gym bag to ensure your lunch always has that healthy boost.

Upgrade your latte

Saying goodbye to your afternoon coffee may be tricky but it can do wonders for both your digestive system and waistline. A good way to combat the coffee comedown is by creating a new habit of a making a cup of green matcha tea and we love Pukka's blend. Energy boosting, antioxidant rich and with metabolic benefits - what more could you ask from a cuppa?

Bin the biscuits

Snacking is one of hardest habits to kick to the curb so if you feel like you absolutely need a little something (maybe you're hitting the gym after work or staying late at the office) then make sure you have a healthy snack on hand. Many ‘healthy’ snacks on the market are laden with sugar though so opt for something like the wonderful Rude Health Beetroot Bar. Gluten, wheat and refined sugar free this slice of deliciousness contains antioxidant and iron rich beetroot and and impressive combo of skin loving, craving kicking, nuts and seeds.

Better bones

Taking care of your body is just as important as putting it through its paces at the gym or an exercise class. Magnesium is your best friend when it comes to boosting bone health and clinical trials have found it is best absorbed through your skin. Better You’s Magnesium Spray is our favourite; the 100% natural magnesium content will soothe and ease tension whilst helping your body absorb calcium that is key for bone health. Also helping with peaceful sleep this is a restorative and relaxing habit to add to your end of day routine.

All seven of these healthy habit makers are available in Get The Box.