We spoke to the London-based model and food blogger about creating dishes that are equally nutritious and delicious...

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Model by day and food blogger in the rest of her spare time, Bailee Roberts is a health enthusiast on a mission to deliver recipes that are as healthy as they are fulfilling.

Bailee strongly believes that we shouldn’t have to compromise between taste and health, and it’s this mantra that has left us guiltlessly salivating over her incredible dishes.

We spoke to the London-based Californian about her passion for eating clean and the top 5 things you can find in this model’s fridge…

What do you hope people will take away from your blog?

I want people to get the sense that clean healthy food can be delicious, beautiful and obtainable. The hope is that The Model Foodie inspires readers to try something different in their own kitchens and this gives them the confidence to explore a healthier and diverse diet.

Which 5 things would we find in your fridge?

Eggs, plum tomatoes, baby spinach, cheese, and smoked salmon.

What’s your personal food philosophy?

I take great joy in food. Beyond the eating, I love cooking it, growing it, shopping for it, and discovering benefits and new ways to use it. For me, it's best fresh and healthy. I am bored of unhealthy food. Sure it’s ‘tasty’, but it does not leave me feeling positive. Fundamentally, I don't see why we need to choose between taste and health. We should be able to enjoy a diverse diet that does not feel restrictive and leaves us with a beautiful healthy body.

Personally, I aim to eat CLEAN. There are a lot of different definitions of eating clean floating around the web. For me, it's eating whole, fresh, organic foods that haven't been processed or prepared out of sight. I try to stay gluten-free because too much doesn't agree with me and succeed 80% of the time. As long as you're eating more greens and protein then anything else, you're doing just fine by me.

What’s your top cooking tip?

Keep it simple and fresh. Dried herbs are the key to unlocking taste sensations in quick clean dishes. Experiment to figure out what you like and then add your favourites to your cooking. They will bring a new lease of life onto old recipes. My go-to herbs are cinnamon, paprika and Chinese 5 spice.

Where do you get your recipe ideas?

Oh gosh, all over. Restaurant menus, farmers markets, Pinterest is amazing for inspiration. A lot of it is trial and error. If I taste something delicious, I normally attempt to recreate it at home, failing, half the time, but thats' half the fun.