A delicious quinoa salad recipe from Cecilie Hauge Agotnes' Calm Belly Cookbook that looks just as good as it tastes.

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"Although quinoa is low FODMAP, some people do react to it, so do not eat this salad for the first 6 to 8 weeks of a low FODMAP diet. You can eat it during the reintroduction phase, when you can check for any reaction" says Cecilie of this recipe taken from her new book, The Calm Belly Cookbook .

Serves 3-4


125g uncooked quinoa

3 tomatoes

1⁄2 red pepper

1⁄2 yellow pepper

Small handful fresh coriander

3 tablespoons raspberry extract

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

25 to 30g Parmesan cheese, grated



1. Cook the quinoa as instructed on the packet and allow to cool.

2. Dice the tomatoes and peppers.

3. Roughly chop the coriander leaves and mix the tomatoes, peppers and coriander with the quinoa.

4. Pour in the raspberry extract and olive oil and allow the mixture to sit for 30 minutes so the quinoa can absorb all the flavours.

5. Mix in the grated Parmesan and ground pepper just before serving.

TIP: Serve as a cold lunch or as a side dish with fish or meat. Add chopped cooked chicken or another meat to make a more substantial dish.

Recipe extracted from  The Calm Belly Cookbook by Cecilie Hauge Agotnes , published by Modern Books on 1st February, £14.99 hardback.