James Duigan's body bible informs us all on the truth about food

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It's impossible not to be inspired by the now infamous Clean & Lean Diet book by Bodyism founder James Duigan. From the smiling, healthy, toned model on the cover, who happens to be Mrs Duigan (they practise what they preach) to the high praise from 'The Body' Elle Macpherson, there really are no excuses not to sit down immediately and digest it in its entirety .

Within the introduction James is very persuasive in putting across his argument for a 'clean and lean' diet. That is, a diet that's as free of toxins as possible - natural, fresh and unprocessed foods, because that way if the odd toxin comes up (such as that Friday night glass of wine), your body will be well-equipped to deal with it.

In simple, well-informed and approachable language, James lays out all that we need to know about nutrition in order to eat well for life. From the effects of sugar to the truth about carbs and processed foods, Part One is all about education - and it's an impressive school of thought to learn from. Part Two then helps you put everything you know into practice, with a 14-day meal plan, recipes, a workout plan and even beauty advice. Best of all, throughout the book there's cut-out-and-keep style tables naming the food that normal people eat every day (no odd ingredients that only a body expert would have in their fridge) categorised as Bad, Better, Best - so you can swap your nutritional choices for the best alternatives.

Easy to use, smart and realistic - it's everything that previous diet books have failed to do.

Clean & Lean by James Duigan is £12.99 and  available from Amazon