The seemingly endless list of benefits that Vita Coco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil boasts, makes it a kitchen and beauty essential...

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Is there a product that can take pride of place on either kitchen worktop or bathroom shelf? Vita Coco says there is and it comes in the form of its Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

So what makes the CV of this jar of 100% organic tropical goodness stand out from the crowd? Well, for starters during daytime hours, it adds a healthy teaspoon of medium chain fatty acids to any dinner idea. During night-time hours, it can be found moonlighting as a hard-working hair mask - simply apply to mid-lengths and ends and wrap your hair in a towel to reveal silky smooth tresses in the morning.Its other job skills include dehydrated cuticle cure, makeup remover and a coffee upgrade to re-energise your pre-workout cuppa if it’s falling a bit flat...

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Ultimately, it’s the type of savvy cookery, kitchen and beauty buy that’ll have your other so-called ‘multitaskers’ ready to embrace a much-needed sabbatical, in order to make way for your new star employee that comes with the GTG seal of approval.

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