IBS symptoms such as bloating, cramps and unpredictable bowel movements can take their toll physically and mentally. This gut health-boosting supplement has been shown to help

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Having your day dictated by your bowels is a scenario that those with IBS or a gut problem know only too well. It makes you a meticulous planner - researching public restrooms before you head out, carrying a spare roll of toilet paper or an extra pair of underwear with you - no one wants to be caught short should they need the toilet urgently.

And while the physical manifestations are perhaps the most widely reported (ranging from bloating to flatulence to constipation and diarrhoea), these conditions can also take an emotional toll. Feelings of depression, anxiety and low self-confidence are common among IBS sufferers however, despite its far-reaching effects, a new survey reveals that a large proportion of us would put off going to the doctor due to embarrassment with the hope that symptoms would go away naturally.

As these findings demonstrate, knowledge regarding treatment is still not that well known. One remedy though that is starting to attract a lot of attention is the use of a probiotic supplement, live ‘good’ bacteria that occur naturally in the gut to help it to stay healthy. There are millions of strains though and that makes picking the most effective one particularly tricky. However, brand PrecisionBiotics, who has done extensive research into the subject, believe that they’ve isolated the strain most useful in tackling the root cause of IBS symptoms and have made it available in their supplement, Alflorex.

Containing its 35624 culture, it's been clinically tested in people with bloating and gas, abdominal pain and unpredictable bowel movements. The culture is made up of a naturally occurring bacterial strain, originally discovered by PrecisionBiotics residing in a healthy human colon and is part of the family of bacteria that mothers pass on to babies at birth. However, due to changes in gut flora makeup as we reach adulthood, most of us are missing this strain in our microbiota.

Improvements can be seen after four weeks and those who suffer from non-IBS bloating could also reap rewards too. Chloe Madley, who has shared images on social media showing her distended belly and fashion blogger Naomi Isted (who’s bloating was mistaken for pregnancy), all used the supplement.

It’s also received approval within the industry too. Not only is it the number one probiotic recommended by US gastroenterologists, but it was also the winner of the Best Natural Product and Best GI Product in the Irish Pharmacy News OTC Awards for 2016-2017.

Plus, a month’s supply won’t blow the bank. Priced at £24.95, it equates to just 83p a day. And it doesn't need to be refrigerated to allow for greater practicality. Sounds like good news for both bowels and bank balances.

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