#StartBetter: struggling with your 8-a-day? Here’s how to make your glass of water a lot more interesting

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We all know water’s good for us, but let’s be honest, it’s a little boring isn’t it?

If you’re looking to up your water intake this year, #StartBetter  with the help of nutritionist and Get The Gloss Expert Jenna Zoe  and upgrade it with one of her top supplements and hydration boosters. A great way to take your water to the next level, here are the beverage pick-me-ups that our shopping lists shouldn’t be seen without.

1. MSM Powder

Often referred to as the ‘beauty mineral,’ MSM is the most underrated addition to your health and beauty routine! The results of stirring a little MSM into a glass of water daily are almost instantaneous - it's the one thing guaranteed to give you noticeably better hair, skin and nails. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps your body make antioxidants such as glutathione. It's totally tasteless too. Start with half a teaspoon per day and work your way up to a heaped teaspoon.

2. Lime juice and stevia

If you're someone who finds it hard to drink your 8 glasses a day, adding a little lime juice and stevia will make the job a lot easier (and delicious!). Lime juice also gives you a vitamin C boost, and surprisingly stevia (a non-calorific, non-glycemic natural sweetener) is highly alkalising to the system.

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3. Chlorophyll drops

Despite our best efforts, consuming enough greens to counteract all of the negative sides of a modern lifestyle (pollution, second hand smoke, chemical exposure) is near-on impossible. There's almost no such thing as too much green! Chlorophyll drops are an effortless way to boost your consumption and give you that little extra ‘cover,’ especially for those days you're on-the-go. Simply add a few drops to a glass of water and drink as you normally would. I like to bring chlorophyll water to a workout because it means I'll inevitably be thirsty and therefore definitely drink the whole thing.

4. Teeccino

If you're trying to transition off coffee, this is hands-down the best-tasting, natural coffee substitute on the market. Subbing one cup of coffee a day for a Teeccino  will not only reduce the stimulating and dehydrating effects from caffeine but also increase your hydration levels. These little teabags come in a variety of flavours, but my favourites are the Vanilla Nut and the Hazelnut.

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5. Macrolife Macro Greens Sachets

There are so many greens powders out there but if you ask me, most of them taste like stagnant pond. Macro Greens  is the only sachet that actually tastes good and makes a glass of water a bit more exciting. I love that it contains a blend of many different greens and superfoods, which covers you on many different nutrient bases. Plus, it blends well and doesn't have that ‘grassy’ texture most green powders have.

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