The juice cleanse geniuses have one-day detox packages to help you get back to your best post-Easter

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We’d only just got over the guilt of our Christmas gluttony, when suddenly Easter was upon us and we found ourselves knee deep in Creme Eggs this weekend.

Yes, the Bank Holiday has well and truly thrown a chocolate egg-shaped spanner in the works and caused a relapse in our ‘healthy eating’ regimes and clean eating plans that we’ve been trying to keep to since the New Year. 

However, all is not lost as juice connoisseurs, Radiance Cleanse , have a whole host of single day juice fasts to help you rest, recharge and hit the reset button on healthy eating.

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From their signature range of flavours to the more heavyweight high veg options, you can choose from up to five different ranges that all aim to focus on different areas of detoxification and nourishment. At just £90, each one-day pack includes six 500ml certified organic, raw and cold-pressed drinks which are the easiest way to tap into the widely documented scientific benefits of intermittent fasting for health, longevity and weight management.

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The idea is that by giving your digestive system a well-earned rest from fatty and acidic foods such as alcohol, meat and sugar, the nutrient-packed juices help the body to return to an alkaline state, rid itself of toxins and allow the digestive system and liver to recuperate and recover. Post-cleanse you’re left lighter, cleaner and ultimately more energised.

Given that most of us would find the idea of a full week of detoxing rather terrifying, the one-day commitment gives you a chance to dip a toe in the water of cleansing to see how you get on with the juices before going all out - and after a four-day weekend of splurging, it seems more than fair…