She loves a good espresso, hates a dehydration headache and at parties you'll find her with a virgin Mojito in her hand. Our columnist lets us in on her drinking habits

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When I am dehydrated, I feel fatigued and get headaches - the same symptoms that my kids experience. I also find myself irritable and uncomfortable. So I actively prevent dehydration with purpose every day.

I used to wake up with a double espresso, but now I sip a hot water first thing, to gently boost my metabolism. I tend to work out in the mornings and so I’ll also take my daily dose of T he Super Elixir  with 500ml filtered water. It has 45 bio-live nutrients that support all 11 systems of the body. It is a great energy booster, so it makes for the perfect pre-workout tonic.

Throughout the day, I make sure I have my WelleCo hydrator bottle  topped up with filtered water. I also sip herbal teas, including my own homemade turmeric  tea which is a concoction of turmeric powder and hot water with a large coriander sprig on top, right through to bedtime.

I’ve also swapped my double espresso for a big green vegetable juice. Since juicing and taking The Super Elixir  daily, my skin glows, brown spots  have faded, the whites of my eyes are clear, and my tongue is no longer coated. I can't recommend enough the power of juicing and a plant-based diet.

I still love coffee, though, but as a treat and using good quality clean organic coffee, only in the morning and always an espresso. I make sure it is an hour either side of eating or taking The Super Elixir. This is a lesson I learned from my amazing nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher PhD, who says that caffeine can block nutrients  from being absorbed into the body.

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If I’m craving a warm drink throughout the day, I replace coffee with a nourishing chai latte (which we’re launching in spring next year). Dr Laubscher has suggested that excess coffee can tip my body into an acidic state, which is associated with health issues like sluggish metabolism, inflammation, low energy, weight gain and insomnia. Replacing it with a clean alternative, like a warming chai latte, helps improve my health, energy levels and all-round wellness. Plus, it’s delicious!

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I don’t drink alcohol, but at parties, I’m partial to a virgin cocktail , such as a mock Mojito made of fresh lime, slices of ginger, soda, lots of ice and a little mint on top. Otherwise, it might be an elderflower water or a simple ginger ale on ice, served in a tumbler or champagne glass.

In my drinks fridge, you’ll find coconut milk as well as homemade almond milk - I make a fresh jug every couple of days. For party season, there is always a good stock of Maggie Beers Australian non-alcoholic wines, ginger beer, a supply of French champagne for my girlfriends, and a clean vodka of course; although I have noticed recently more people drinking gin.

I’ll end the day with a cup of Sleep Welle Fortifying Tea .

Seasons Greetings! Love Elle

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