The secrets to improving your energy levels, skin and mindset thanks to Milly Mackintosh’s favourite nutritionist

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Having developed a bad relationship with food in her teens, Madeleine  had come accustomed to waking up feeling bloated, tired and unhealthy. A move to Sydney and a job in a health food cafe saw the path of her life alter as she discovered the transformative benefits of eating well. Subsequently, on her return to London, Madeleine started her blog  and trained as nutritional health coach. Now, the 25 year old has author to add to her impressive CV.

‘Get The Glow’ is based on Madeleine’s philosophy that healthy eating shouldn't be about fad diets, starvation or deprivation. Her thinking is simple: “Ditch the junk and eat foods that heal your gut so you can shine from head to toe”. The six week plan detailed in the book (and used with her celebrity clientele) is a week by week guide to rethinking your eating habits.  Divided into six manageable steps, with advice on how to cut sugar, embrace good fats and refocus your mind, the plan is realistic and easy to digest (in more ways than one).

To get you started on your new and improved lifestyle the book contains over 100 inspiring and beautifully photographed dishes that you can rustle up at home. We love the look of the easy to make breakfasts such as the Super Simple Overnight Bircher, and the nutrient packed salads like Madeleine’s famous Green Goddess Bowl. With dinner neatly divided into ‘Speedy Suppers’ and ‘Weekend Wonders’ there are options aplenty for both meals you can whip up mid week and more fancy dishes you can wow friends with on the weekend.

Plus, with Madeline’s mouth-watering collection of saintly sweet treats this book means you can truly have your cake (gluten free, of course) and eat it.

Get The Glow by Madeline Shaw, £6.99 (Orion) is available now

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