Take some diet tips straight from the stars' kitchens - and Instagrams...

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Food snaps on social media tend to be polarising. They either show off a hard-to-get reservation somewhere fabulous, showcase the culinary skills of the uploader or display their willpower to do the latest diet. Either way they can whet your appetite or turn you off. Not in the case of the supers, though…

In fact, it’s a welcome insight that offers inspiration to one’s own diet – after all, if you eat what Gisele does surely Victoria’s Secret will be straight on the phone to ask you to be an Angel...?

Gisele’s latest meal was a veg-heavy, low GI option. It’s the kind of meal (broccoli, kale, avocado, sweet potato, quinoa) that we know will fill us up, but isn’t always the most appetising offering after a day in the office and navigating crowded public transport.

If you take one thing from Gisele’s meal, however, take note of the quinoa. Yes, you’ve probably heard Gwyneth extol its virtues, but the facts are this is a high-in-vitamin, low GI, low calorie, high-in-fibre and rich-in-protein food. It’s good for you and it swells for that ‘fuller for longer’ feeling. If you need something to keep you out of the cookie jar during Downton Abbey then maybe this is it.

If you’re tempted to juice, model Valentina Zelyaeva is the girl to follow on Instagram. It’s not just about green juices that you neck with a pinched nose and the hope you don’t regurgitate; this girl whizzes together some of the most imaginative juices we’ve seen. She’s made her juicing technique something of a science and advocates setting your alarm 30 minutes early to allow your juicing concoctions to take shape. She looks good for it – if those beachy waves are her ‘bed hair’ then we’re beyond jealous.

Karlie Kloss could be a food stylist if she wasn’t a supermodel, so styled are her food pics on Instagram. Don’t expect to find too many carbs though - Karlie is all about vegetables, fruit and lean protein. Her trick though is to add avocado and chilli flakes to any dish – the evidence of which is clear throughout her feed. We’re a big fan of her apple wedge and peanut butter ‘snack attack’ – yum!

Adriana Lima is also our type of girl. She’s a fan of a paleo diet to get her ready for the Victoria’s Secret show, but anyone who posts beluga caviar and makes their intention of utter-fish-egg-destruction clear is a super we can get on board with, and a diet we can definitely take inspiration from.