Imogen Edwards-Jones tries out the new super supplements on the block - Organic Burst - and feels like she could take on the world. She's even whistling along to Tragic FM on the school run.

Contrary to what you might think - what with my penchant for a bird bath of red wine and few of Marlboros’ finest - I am not much of a pill popper. I don’t have a handbag full of Nurofen, or a bathroom cabinet stuffed with pick-me-ups; I may look like one of those elderly old soaks who can’t get off the divan without rattling with Bs, Cs, uppers, dowers and tranqs, but I am actually quite abstemious when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

I remember my mother once opining (when in wise old owl mode), that I should save the painkillers until I really needed them, and so I’ve always thought, in hangover terms, if you do the crime you do the time, and you are far better off with a stiff black coffee and a bacon sarnie than anything over the counter. And the same goes for vitamins. If you eat properly and generally pack in your five a day, why do you need to pump yourself full of Berocca whose only benefit, as far as I can work out, is to dye your pee bright orange.

So when I was asked to try out some new super supplements from Organic Burst , the new groovy kid on the powder block, I was rather nonplussed to say the least. I was recommended the anti-ageing with added weight loss combo of wheatgrass , baobab  and acai . Unlike most supplements on the market, these are organic, ethically sourced and essentially raw, or as undoctored and messed around with as possible. So you could not get a more pure, unadulterated and therefore, potent, shot if you tried.

And potent is certainly what they are. As I am practically nil by mouth (see that awful Amelia Freer) I didn’t allow myself the luxury of putting these powders into what looks like one of the most delicious smoothie recipes ever (baobab, raspberries, blueberries, yoghurt and coconut water), so I went commando instead.

I mixed an unpleasant looking cocktail of 1 spoon of wheatgrass, 2 baobab and 2 acai pills with a little slurp of water, stirred and drank. When I say drank, that would be a little lie. I spat and screamed and barfed and wailed and stamped and scrunched up my face like I was chewing on a fart. My three year old thought this was the funniest thing he had ever seen. He rocked with laughter, tears rolling down his face, and demanded that I drink the ‘yucky drink’ again. Over my dead body.

Although having drunk the ‘yucky drink’ I was clearly never going to die. Ever. For within about 20 minutes of drinking, I was powering around, striding through the sitting room, ready to take on the world. I am not sure whether it was the baobab, the acai or the fact that the stinking taste of the wheatgrass had finally dissipated that made me feel so fabulous. But fabulous I did feel.

So now I take the ‘yucky drink’ every morning. It has got a little less yucky over time. I have got used to feeling like I have woken up with a pile of lawn clippings fresh from Mr McGregor’s garden shovelled down my gob. But the positive zingy effect has not diminished. Christ, I even irritate myself as I whistle along to Tragic FM, exuding good humour, while doing the school run.

Oh and there are two other things I have noticed as well since I have become a powder addict. One is that Organic Burst is great for hangovers. And two is, it doesn’t turn your pee orange. from £5.99