Happy Healthy Reading: The 10 top health books to read in 2015

30 January 2015
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Happy Healthy Reading: The 10 top health books to read this 2015

While a number of brilliant books often make their way onto our annual Christmas wish lists, finding a chunk of time to sit down and read them is often easier said than done. However, having come into the New Year with our rock hard resolutions firmly in place, the Glossy Posse are determined to stay on the path of righteousness with our library of good vibe guides.

So, from inspiring tales of the overweight underdog to the latest science on nutrition and cooking, here’s our roundup of the latest and greatest books to keep you on the path of health, wealth and happiness this 2015.

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Gut Gastronomy: Revolutionise Your Eating To Create Great Health, Vicki Edgson & Adam Palmer, £20.40

Built around the healthy regime created by Elaine Williams and Stephanie Moore for wellbeing retreat Grayshott Spa, Nutritionist Vicki Edgson has created a long-term healthy eating plan, which is based on the idea that creating and maintaining a healthy gut and digestive system is the key to overall health. The dairy-free, grain-free and alcohol-free routine focuses on healthy fats, animal protein and smart carbs to help reduce inflammation and bloating, while improving the efficiency of the gut.

To keep things interesting this book also takes on principles of the 5:2 diet - intermittent fasting is part of the three-week plan recommended by Vicki, with the intention of continuing to reduce calorie intake two days a week thereafter.

Containing over 100 delicious-looking recipes from Executive Chef Adam Palmer, a detailed two-week recipe plan and tips along the way, everything you need to do the diet is there in the book - except for the cookery skills. Not for the cooking timid, this is one for those who are a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen, and who can be strict about their food without feeling restricted (the recipes are good enough that you shouldn’t, but for some, cutting out grains, dairy and naughty fats will be hard - not to mention the wine).

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Honestly Healthy Cleanse, Natasha Corrett, £12

In her third healthy book installment, gourmet vegetarian chef Natasha Corrett has turned her focus towards creating a range of cleansing recipe plans that are designed to help food-lovers escape from the multitude of processed, sugar-dense food.

Based upon alkaline eating principles (swapping out highly acidic foods such as meat, dairy and processed sugar for more alkaline substitutes including fruit and vegetables) the book is divided into four sections which includes a ‘feel good’ cleanse - a three day diet of soups, smoothies and juices to help give the digestive system a break; the ‘slim down’ cleanse - a more hearty six day detox that’s better suited for an upcoming occasion or goal; the ‘active cleanse’, which works to accommodate the HIIT-lovers and exercise junkies, and finally the life changing 30 day cleanse - a longer term investment to help overhaul your general eating habits.

Whilst controlled and at times restrictive, you’d be surprised at the healthy treats this book allows you to whip up - the maca almond milkshake particularly springs to mind - plus, Natasha’s in-built 70/30 rule means once you’ve finished your chosen cleanse, a diet allowing 70% alkaline and 30% regular food makes the journey a whole lot easier. A great option for the fully committed alkaliner or a newbie looking to dip their toe in.

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Mind Over Fatter, Anna Richardson, £16.99

Channeling her bubbly personality and tongue-in-cheek humour, this book from TV presenter Anna Richardson reads like both an intense therapy session and a motivational booster from a long-term friend.

Plagued by her own emotional eating demons, Anna’s book presents a three step weight-loss programme that’s designed to help serial dieters trace where bad habits began to enable a more wholehearted and thorough lifestyle change. In particular, the book draws on the power and potential of hypnosis in helping to uncover the dark thoughts of the subconscious towards food and body image, that may have previously remained undetected.

The book comes complete with free hypnosis downloads, Anna’s ‘seven steps to slim programme’, a 14 day devised eating plan as well as 60 light and tasty dishes. Not devised for those simply looking to adopt a slightly healthier lifestyle, this read is best suited to the die-hard dieters who’ve perhaps given up hope in their ability to lose weight and keep it off. Emotional and thought-provoking, it’s not a light read, but you’ll finish this book having totally re-evaluated the way you view food, so that eventually you’ll see, think and have eaten yourself slim.

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The Art Of Eating Well, Hemsley and Hemsley, £15

Driven by their passion for food and love of eating well, this book contains over 150 recipes that aim to nourish both the body and mind to leave you looking and feeling amazing. Unlike other health focused books though, with the Hemsley sisters, it never feels like any luxuries are denied. Indeed all the recipes are nutrient-rich, gluten, grain and refined sugar-free, but designed to still pack in the flavour - so that you find yourself eating well, without ever really trying to.

From healthy fried chicken to guiltless pina coladas, fashionable foodies can enjoy a welcome break from the low fat, raw and protein based diets that can leave us feeling uninspired and, well, hungry.

The book also includes sections on cooking with children, one-pot dishes, frugal feasts and how to get a head start on the week with the ‘Sunday cook-off’ - not to mention it’s jam packed with user-friendly tips and tricks, as well as Jasmine and Melissa’s 12 golden rules.

With mouthwatering photography as beautiful as the girls themselves, this book is practical food porn - delicious and simple for anyone to make, but also just looks great on your kitchen shelf.

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The Ice Diet, Peeta Bee, £7.99

Already practised by celebrities including Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Elle Macpherson, The Ice Diet by GTG columnist Peta Bee, is based around embracing nature’s best fat-burning mechanism: cooler temperatures.

With increased levels of central heating, thermal underwear and polar outerwear, Peta argues that we’re becoming a nation hungry for warmth, whereby the rise in temperature is being matched by a rise in obesity - why? Well, as humans we’re pre-programmed to respond positively to cold temperatures. Our ancestors evolved in them and acclimatized accordingly. Therefore, by artificially heating ourselves to the extremes we do today, we’ve effectively switched off these survival genes.

Don’t panic though, this book doesn’t have you lounging in ice baths - rather, it’s all about taking small, menial measures such as turning down the thermostat, getting outside and living according to the seasons - as well as following a healthy eating plan, that will really see you drop the pounds.

Containing in-depth scientific support and a holistic six week diet and lifestyle plan this brilliant book and the promise of a cooler lifestyle could lead to a 30% in the rate at which you burn calories - you might just want to wait until this cold front has passed through first though...

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Deliciously Ella: Awesome ingredients, Incredible Food That You and Your Body Will Love, £10

Having shot to fame over the last year with her simple yet delicious plant-based blog, Deliciously Ella, the beauty and wellness industry (along with her two million fans) have been waiting with baited breath for the arrival of her first cookbook - and it’s every bit as delectable as her online creations.

Like a number of healthy food converts, Ella, the self-confessed ‘sugar-monster’ decided to overhaul her eating habits after a chronic illness continued to plague her body and traditional medicine failed to help.  Foregoing meat, gluten, dairy, sugar and all processed foods, Ella’s dishes use whole foods opting for legumes, pulses, nuts and fruit and vegetables - with the idea of embracing natural foods that your body loves and finds easy to digest.

Practical and super simple, this book contains over 100 new recipes allowing readers to dip between sumptuous desserts and food on the go to delicious dips and ravishing rainbow bowls - with little advanced cooking skills or abstract ingredients required. If the stunning photography and abc style recipe breakdowns of this book don’t encourage you towards a happier, healthier lifestyle, we’re not sure what will.

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Eat. Nourish. Glow: 10 Easy Steps For Losing Weight, Looking Younger and Feeling Healthier, Amelia Freer, £8

With her refreshing, no-nonsense approach and simple, straightforward dishes, Nutritional therapist and GTG expert Amelia Freer’s new book is a one way ticket away from the dramas of the fad dieting world and onto the path of optimum health.

Ruled by her 10 principles of healthy eating, Amelia guides both nutritional newbies and hardcore healthista’s through important first steps such as detoxing your store cupboard and understanding the difference between good and bad fats, not to mention the dangers of hidden sugar and what healthy alternatives to try. A fresh and unique voice in the field of holistic health, all Amelias ideas are backed up by the latest findings in the nutrition and neuroscience stratosphere, but are still basic enough to digest and carry forward

Not just a bible of healthy facts, this book also contains an enticing selection of recipes that would be fitting for both a sunday afternoon picnic or an an impressive dinner party with friends (the salted caramels particularly go down a treat). Beautifully designed and clear to follow, this is the ideal read for anyone looking for a more holistic and optimistic approach to losing weight.

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The Ultimate Guide For Juicing For Health, Beauty and Wellbeing, Liz Earle, £10.49

With her name heading a multi-award winning natural beauty company, and boasting a glowing complexion of her own, it’s no surprise that Liz Earle understands wellbeing starts from the inside out - or more precisely, with a nutrient packed juice.

Knowing that most people find it difficult to squeeze in their five-a-day, let alone their seven, Liz has turned her talents towards the trendy world of juicing as a fast and effective way for people to pack in their nutrition in minimal time.

If you’re new to the juicing world, don’t fret - Liz guides you through the basics including the how-to’s and why’s of juicing techniques, which juicer to buy and the produce you should ideally aim to use. For the more experienced supporter, Liz shares her all-time favourite juice fads from one-day detoxes to to three-day power programmes.

Organised into a number of different chapters, juicers can choose from a number of goals such as  weight-loss and cleansing, to energy boosting and complexion perfecting - packing in heaps of fruit and veg, while not forgoing on flavour, this book is ideal for veg-phobics or those looking to sneak a few more nutrients into their daily diet (the broccoli in the Mad Melon juice is almost totally undetectable).

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Plenish: Juices To Boost, Cleanse and Heal, Kara Rosen, £12.99

After a hectic life commuting between New York and LA left Kara feeling run-down and battling a recurrent throat infection, she turned to the help of a holistic nutritionist who suggested a five-day juice cleanse - and what initially started out as a temporary solution quickly turned into a lifestyle overhaul that saw Kara adopting an organic, plant-based diet.

In this book Kara’s message is clear and simple - you are what you eat, so make sure to consume food that your body will love. If you don’t, you may fall victim to a number of common body ailments such as excess weight, constipation and even bad skin - enter Kara’s solution of over 40 different juice blends that are all designed to heal the body naturally, fuel the system, fight disease, promote mind and body wellness, while also helping you to lose weight in the process.

For those keen to try a full-on juice detox, a three day post and pre cleansing diet plan (as well as the juices themselves) are provided to help prepare your body, which be warned, are fairly minimalistic in themselves. Those looking for a range of hearty, substantial recipes should probably look elsewhere - this is most certainly for the more discernible detoxer.

Having said that though this book gives readers the option to take their juicing experience as far or as easily as they like - whether that means simply introducing a breakfast boosting smoothie or taking the juicing plunge.

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River Cottage Light & Easy: Healthy Recipes for Everyday, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, £9.99

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall might not be the first person you think of when it comes to health and 'alternative' diet options, but don't let that put you off. His no nonsense, no compromise attitude ('I'm offering up a set of recipes that are healthy and well-balanced, straightforward to put together, but always, unfailingly, delicious'), rational and grounded attitude to taking a break from wheat and dairy (he's seen his cholesterol levels improve dramatically since doing so himself) and dedication to making cooking and eating well as easy as humanly possible are nothing less than refreshing.

Unlike other 'free from' recipes I've dabbled in, Light & Easy appreciates that you don't have the time to soak mung beans for days on end or go on an epic Lord of the Rings style voyage to source ingredients- the meal ideas on offer here are extensive, easy to prepare and genuinely tasty, often with variations to jazz things up or cater for those who can't eat certain ingredients. I cooked a meal from scratch for my very ‘cheffy’ friend and the verdict was positive; the sweet potato rosti vanished on contact with the dinner table. He thought that the Pear and Chocolate Cobbler tasted a bit 'wholesome', but anything smothered in chocolate and dough that claims superior nutritional benefits to your average pud is a winner in our book.

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