Give your water a fruit-infused twist with the new hip and healthy bottles from Acquablend

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Drinking plenty of water, along with getting enough sleep and eating your five a day is one of the oldest and simplest tricks in the beauty book. Tipped off by every celebrity, model and movie star ever as the number one golden health rule, heaps of hydration will not only help deliver a crystal clear complexion, but will also work to control appetite, improve digestion, boost energy and allow your body a better night's sleep.

The problem however, is that chugging down the recommended amounts of H20 (up to three litres a day), can sometimes feel like a bit of a flavourless chore, with many of us preferring to reach for a calorific can instead. Although - that was until we discovered the new hip and handy fruit infused water bottles from Acquablend, which have allowed us to put the sugary stuff aside and indulge in the world’s best and most natural beauty elixir, but with a fruity twist.

Originally designed to help tackle rising health problems such as obesity,  Acquablend bottles  provide a practical and simple solution to those leading hectic lifestyles who need to incorporate more water into their everyday routine. Durable, BPA-free and portable, each bottle contains a compartment designed to be filled with your favourite fruit and veg combinations. Simply slice up your preferred fruit, vegetable or herbs, give it a shake and place in the fridge for roughly 30 mins - et voilà - your very own tropical take on water.

Well documented for having a wide array of varied health benefits, fruit infused water is super rich in natural antioxidants and nutrients, and depending on your recipe can also help to boost energy, improve metabolism and flush out harmful toxins - not to mention make for a refreshing, tasty tipple.

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