A new book from the authors of 'Honestly Healthy' promises to make alkaline eating both simple and delicious, says Anna Hunter

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It isn't often that I can wholeheartedly say that I started the day right. Yesterday was one of those days. It was a crisp March morning as I jogged on down to The Juicery at 108 Marylebone for the launch of Honestly Healthy for Life, a follow-up to the much-loved alkaline handbook Honestly Healthy  by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson.

I was greeted by a shot of lemon, cayenne pepper and what I think was ginger. For those normally accustomed to shots of espresso in the morning, this breakfast chaser may well provide a suitably energizing alternative - it puts a fire in your belly in the best possible way. This, in essence, is what the Honestly Healthy books are all about too: substituting your usual processed pick-me-ups for natural, wholesome and tasty alternatives.

If that all sounds a bit hippy dippy earth mother, then listen up. The books’ authors are both busy women that adore food and love to eat, so they’ve written the Honestly Healthy series with that same woman or man in mind. In fact, Honestly Healthy for Life caters for every family member, guest, occasion and season.

The wide-ranging benefits of eating a 70:30 alkaline to acidic diet are outlined at the beginning of both books, while a table of alkaline and acidic foods along with bite-size tips from nutritionist extraordinaire Vicki Edgson  makes the lifestyle easier to adopt.

That’s what Honestly Healthy is centred around: it’s a lifestyle, not a quick-fix. Weight loss is a happy by-product of living the alkaline life, but it’s not the focus. Wide-ranging health benefits reportedly range from better sleep, stronger nails and hair, greater concentration, fewer digestive problems, increased energy and more balanced blood sugar levels.

If you’re already an Honestly Healthy devotee, this new tome will add to your repertoire and provide even more gourmet inspiration. If you’re new to the alkaline way of life, Honestly Healthy for Life may demand a bit of re-reading, but it’s as digestible as its mouth watering meal plans.

With over 130 recipes, you and your family will never get bored or go hungry. From angelic mince pies to quick lunches to hangover cures, Honestly Healthy for Life recipes are refreshingly down to earth and practical. Natasha’s personal favourites from the book are her granny’s cheese soufflé, the donuts and the easy, speedy salad wraps. Toxic choices are a lot less tempting when you have Honestly Healthy options to rely on, and after meeting Natasha I’m a total convert to the alkaline approach: she’s happy, full of energy and looks pretty smoking. She and Vicki are surely the best alkaline ambassadors there could be.