As a hummus shortage leaves foodies everywhere without their favourite dip, Nina Parker shares her delicious hummus recipe you can make at home

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Wondering how you'll get your next hummus fix? As Sainsbury's and M&S have withdrawn lines from the shelves following complaints that the dip had taste issues, hummus is hard to find as foodies stock up elsewhere; but why not whip up your own at home?

In an extract from our Project Me health and fitness guide , chef Nina Parker shares her delicious and easy homemade hummus recipe so that you needn't go without come snacktime...

Makes about 400g


1 small shallot, chopped

400g chickpeas

1⁄2 tsp turmeric

1⁄3 tsp paprika

1⁄2 tsp cumin

7 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3 tbsp cold water

1⁄2 tsp honey

1 1⁄2 lemons, zest and juice

Sea salt and black pepper


1. Put half of the chickpeas aside and blend the rest of the ingredients together to a rough paste.

2. Then add the leftover chickpeas and pulse-blend a few times to break them up. You should be left with a rough paste.

3.Add more olive oil or lemon juice to loosen up if the consistency is a bit thick.

4. Keep covered in the fridge for up to 4 days.

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