The co-founders of The Good Life Eatery give us a glimpse into what’s it’s like to be at the helm of one of London’s hottest healthy eating haunts

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Since launching in late summer 2013, The Good Life Eatery has fast-become one of London’s most exciting healthy cafés. Founded by Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros, the young entrepreneurs were first introduced to one another back in 2012 by their fathers. Following a year-and-a-half long research and development programme and a rigorous restaurant training scheme, they opened The Good Life Eatery and have since acquired a devoted fan-base both in Chelsea where the restaurant is based and beyond.

Proving that fast food can be healthy, hearty and delicious, its range of protein-rich smoothies, baked goods and superfood salads has seen it go from strength to strength, including having acquired the impressive accolade of being London’s first free-standing cold-pressed juice bar  - testament to the pair’s vision and talent for being one step ahead of the competition.

We caught up with the dynamic duo to ask them about starting a business from scratch, top tips for career success and about their journey so far.

GTG: Could you describe for us what your jobs entail? What does a typical day look like for you?

YL: I basically do all the design and business side of Good Life Eatery. My day is normally filled with management meetings to site visits, to lawyers’ offices, to meetings with accountants, to meetings with potential investors, as well as graphic design and branding.

SK: I take care of all the product development for the Eatery as well as the juices, smoothies, snacks etc. I also organise all of the special events so my day is spent between meetings with my chefs, meetings with suppliers, at events or I am at the Sloane Avenue kitchen or the production kitchen in Acton where I’m doing development.

GTG: What was the inspiration behind The Good Life Eatery?

YL: Fast casual healthy dining and generally yummy food that is hard to come by in London.

SK: Healthy yummy food that is both easy and accessible.

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GTG: What’s the most challenging project you have worked on?

YL: Acquiring sites as a young company in such a competitive market. The London commercial retail market is cut throat, sites get snapped up in a second and when you’re only operating one site, it’s a bit difficult to get landlords to take you seriously when you’re always up against the bigger chains like Prêt A Manger, Itsu and Eat.

SK: Keeping our food standards to the highest possible level and always consistent.

GTG: What motivates you?

YL: Seeing people smile when they eat our food and the general public response to our concept.

SK: Happy customers…and wanting to keep them happy and curious to try our new products.

GTG: How do you organise yourself?

YL: My iPhone, my MacBook Pro and my Smythson diary.

SK: Lists!!!!!! I write EVERYTHING in my Smythson Diary, my iPhone, and my MacBook Pro.

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GTG: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to do what you do?

YL: Always leave a couple hours a day for yourself, be it to go to a yoga class, have lunch with a friend or cook dinner at home. You have to maintain somewhat of a balance in your life otherwise you might go a bit cuckoo.

SK: It’s a lot of work and the stress never stops, so you have to learn to take some time for yourself or you will go insane.

GTG: What's next for you?

YL: Tough question. I’ve been told never to plan because it always backfires, but since I’m the biggest neurotic planner I would have to say doing an MBA in the States is at the top on my list of things to do next and then potentially moving to LA for a bit if I can - but that’s miles down the road.

SK: Right now I’m just focusing on Good Life, we just started the journey…and we still have A LOT more to come!

The Good Life Eatery, 59 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DH. .