Sticking to a healthy regime and enjoying an alcoholic tipple sadly don’t often go hand in hand but a brand new drink may be set to change all that…

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Avoiding alcohol may be what’s best for us but unfortunately it’s not always feasible and after all, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Harriet and Jessica, the founders of new drinks company Lovo , feel the same and were fed up with being forced to choose between sugar ridden wine and cocktails or plumping again for the boring Skinny Bitch (vodka, lime and soda). Having met at University, it was whilst the pair were busy pursuing different careers (in the city and interior design respectively) that their dissatisfaction with the drinks market brought them back together and they had their lightbulb moment.

Taking the drink-du-jour of the health and fitness set, Lovo are looking to change up cocktail hour. Their brand new drink is a blend of sparkling Thai coconut water (low in sugar and full of electrolytes), premium vodka (one of the lowest calorie spirits) and a smidgen of grape extract (the same natural sweetness added to Vita Coco). Coming in at just 128 calories and completely refined sugar free the result is a refreshing drink that is both delicious and guilt free.

£2.95, available online  now  and coming to Harvey Nichols very soon.