James and Christiane Duigan: Our Week in Food

12 May 2014
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James and Christiane Duigan: Our Week in Food

When James Duigan, the brains and brawn behind Bodyism, bestselling author of 'The Clean and Lean Diet' book and A-list personal trainer to the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lara Stone decided to divulge his daily eating habits, the glossy posse were chomping at the bit.

So what exactly do James and Christiane (aka Mrs Clean and Lean - mother, nutrition expert and Clean and Lean cover girl) like to tuck into? Here, the fun-loving and down-to-earth dynamic duo reveal all...

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Our Daily Breakfast

My breakfast is the same every morning – a  Body Brilliance , £50 and  Ultimate Clean , £45, shake with rice milk or a green juice with a shot of ginger!

When I’m in London I'll have eggs, tomato and avocado and an americano from Granger & Co in Notting Hill. I’ll add a chipolata in there if I’m feeling hungry!

When we’re cooking at home, Chrissy and I will make a 'Clean and Lean' bowl with quinoa, pesto, sweet potato, kale and asparagus.

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Our Daily Lunch

For lunch on the move I’ll have grilled salmon with fresh asparagus or lamb chops and spring vegetables.

If I’m at home with Chrissy we'll have a Clean and Lean lettuce wrap with chicken tomato and hummus or go to Osteria Basilica in Notting Hill for seabass and vegetables (this is the best Italian around!)

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Dinners are a nice mix of dining out and staying in. Chrissy's magical lamb pot roast on Sunday night was amazing - lamb and vegetables slow roasted with veg for six hours.

Monday: We'll have Rosie’s recipe - roast chicken with brown rice and avocado. (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s recipe can be found in  Clean and Lean Diet: The Cookbook , £12.99)

Tuesday: We'll go for sushi and treat ourselves to Chilean seabass and Japanese herb and avocado salad.

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Wednesday: Wednesday night is party night, so we'll cuddle up on the couch to watch a cheesy movie and for a treat we’ll have the amazing fish curry from Granger & Co as a takeaway.

Thursday and Friday: Usually a mixture of quinoa, kale, avocado and beetroot salads with either roast chicken or grilled fish.

As you can see, my lifestyle is ridiculous... I'm rock'n'roll to the core. I spend the rest of my time writing books and spending time with my 16 month old daughter and singing songs to Chrissy's perfect pregnant tummy.