The tangy fizz is generally accepted as being quite an acquired taste. Until now...

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No doubt you’ve noticed that  fermented foods  are making a splash in a supermarket aisle near you: from sauerkraut  to kimchi  to live yogurt, live cultures are having a moment. The thing is, yogurt aside, fermented foods and drinks are often fairly tart and tangy, and the idea that something’s been brewing for a bit before you consume it can be off putting for some, although most of us aren’t bothered when said product is cheese or a buttery slice of sourdough...

To confound the naysayers we’ve recently come across a fermented drink from California that may just change your opinion of one much loved hipster staple: kombucha. Organic winemaker Bill Moses, who let's face it probably knows a thing or two about fermenting things so that they taste delicious, teamed up with nutritionist Chakra Earthsong (this is Cali after all) to brew kombucha four years ago and word of mouth about the distinctive drink saw their brew go from strength to strength.

The result of their hard work is KeVita Master Brew Kombucha , a sparkling live culture rich beverage that mainlines on a fermented kombucha base, with tea and a little pinch of organic sugar and flavours to balance out the tang. It’s a bit experimental, a lot tasty and makes a zingy addition to a morning routine, plus if you’re looking to kick a fizzy drink habit, it’s a unique and far less sweet or cloying swap (it's also low in calories if you're counting them).

The flavour profile is smooth too, with many iterations until the final kombucha blend is perfect and years' worth of fermented drink experience behind the final product, which is the kind of dedication and craftsmanship you’d expect from pro winemakers really. Coming to the UK from California is Pineapple Peach, which is sweet yet sour and will most definitely help you to extend the summer vibes, and warming, fiery Ginger that will give you a kick once the mornings and evenings get colder and darker. We hear tell that US bestseller Tart Cherry is on the way to our shores too, and from what we've tried so far they're all zippy and aromatic without being too pungent.

Sure, it’s more edgy than your average soft drink, but the fact that it’s the fastest growing kombucha in the US says something of its flavour and feelgood appeal. Unlike many other fizzy drinks, it weirdly works at most times of day too, from post-yoga to late night drinks. If nothing else, it’ll get you out of a rut, and it makes a far more sophisticated food pairing than squash. Basically, we suspect that it’s not just a passing trend- kombucha’s here to stay, so dip your toe in with one that tastes good from the get go- the hardcore homebrews come later…

Kevita is available in store at Wholefoods, online and instore at  Planet Organic , via  and at selected cafes in London. It will soon be available at selected Sainsbury's stores around the UK.

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