Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor hosts an audience with our favourite foodie sisters at Anthropologie Richmond and Guildford, on Saturday 18th June

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With their two best-selling  cookbooks  as well as their Channel 4 TV show , Hemsley sisters Jasmine and Melissa have transformed the way we think about healthy eating – and how accessible it can be. At Get The Gloss, we have long been fans of their ‘eat well to feel better’ approach.

This Saturday, GTG’s  Susannah Taylor  hosts a live Q&A with the sisters at two events at Anthropologie stores in Richmond and Guildford. You will have the chance to put your questions to the duo about their nutritious concoctions, health-conscious lifestyles and new 140-recipe cookbook, Good + Simple .

“We believe passionately in bringing food back to basics whilst enjoying the nutritional value that we get from every tasty mouthful,” they say. “We don’t have your typical Cordon Bleu education or any fancy knife skills to speak of. Instead we’re home cooks with an interest in food that makes us feel our best.”

Their philosophy is centred on age-old nutritious foods such as bone broth and natural fats that had been nourishing us for thousands of years, but somehow fell out of fashion. “Our meals are based on natural ingredients, including quality meat, fish, dairy and a rainbow of seasonal fruit and veg, as well as a range of well-prepared ‘pseudocereals’, pulses, nuts and seeds.”

The recipes are free from gluten, grains, refined sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils. “We minimise even natural sugars in our cooking in order to maintain a more stable blood sugar balance.” Sounds good to us!

Tickets: £10 redeemable against purchases of £20 and over (applicable on the day of the event only and excludes gift cards).

For The Richmond store event Saturday 18th June, 11am – 12pm book your place here .

For the Guildford store event Saturday 18th June, 2-3pm book your place here.

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