My Week in Food: Eve Kalinik

22 December 2014
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My Week in Food: Eve Kalinik

After thirteen years in the world of luxury PR,  Eve  swapped fashion for food and re-trained as a nutritional therapist. Now Eve’s life is spent creating inspiring nutritional plans for clients, hosting healthy supperclubs and workshops and using her years of PR experience consulting for naturopathically minded brands.

I believe wholeheartedly in eating “real” food and for me that means a balanced diet with foods that don’t contain labels. I encourage clients to have at least one day per week where they are eating entirely meat free as its important to include plenty of vegetables into the diet and also has some positive effects on the environment too. I’m a huge believer in eating locally and seasonally where possible and as much as one can organically. Its important to not get too fixated on food though and enjoy the things you want to enjoy from time to time, whether thats a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate. My diary looks pretty healthy this week but it's not always quite so good and that's part of life. Food is there to be enjoyed - respected but enjoyed!

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Breakfast: Pear and hemp smoothie bowl with chia cacao balls, hazelnuts and black mulberries

Mid morning snack: Matcha latte with hemp milk

Lunch:  Raw Imagination  falafel with brazil nut hummus and  PLENISH green juice  at  Planet Organic

Snack:  Aduna bar

Dinner: Rocket, mint, basil and avocado salad with roasted walnuts and hazelnuts and some raw crackers

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Breakfast: Raw coconut “porridge” with brazil nut cream and a chicory macchiato (with coconut milk)

Lunch: Pea soup with side salad at The Retreat café at  Triyoga Soho

Dinner: Sundried tomato and cashew pesto cauli almond pizza with a kale salad

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Breakfast: Raw cinnamon apple buckwheat granola with cashew cream, bee pollen and blueberries with a  Joe’s Tea  Green tea

Lunch: Brazil nut and thyme raw crackers with roasted artichokes

Dinner: Pizza left over from last night!

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Breakfast: Grawnola with cashew probiotic cream at Nama Notting Hill  with a green tea

Lunch: Kale, avocado and coconut bacon salad with a tahini dijonaise dressing

Supper: Pea and broad bean “risotto” with parsnip rice and a moringa puree

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Breakfast: Apple buckwheat raw porridge with chestnut cream and goldenberries with a bee pollen, baobab and ginger shot and a matcha latte with brazil nut milk

Lunch: Broccoli, almond and artichoke soup

Dinner: Pumpkin and butternut squash curry with coconut satay dip

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Breakfast: Banana lucuma smoothie bowl with a Joe’s Tea green tea

Lunch: Raw crackers with sliced avocado, beetroot dip and a green rocket salad with sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Dinner: Celeriac on leek rainbow chard with fennel caper pesto and a chocolate avocado mousse

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Breakfast: Pear and hemp smoothie bowl with chia cacao balls, hazelnuts and black mulberries and a latte at  The Talkhouse, Portobello Road , with oat milk

Mid morning snack: Lebkuchen biscuits and chestnut frosting from my P lanet Organic  xmas workshop

Lunch: Brussel sprout and fennel slaw with coconut bacon and a chipotle avocado mayo dressing

Dinner: Seabass and fennel puree with side of spinach at  The Oak, Notting Hill  and a glass of pinot noir