My Week in Food: Georgia Cummings

23 February 2015
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My Week in Food: Georgia Cummings

With their aim to make ‘eating well’ easy, Georgia and the Potage team have been transforming Londoner’s diets since October 2012. With a daily changing menu and some of the best brownies the Gloss team have ever tested, Georgia knows a thing or two about eating nutritious yet supremely scrummy food on the go. Click through to see a week on her plate...

For me a healthy diet is pretty simple, it’s eating freshly prepared food made from good quality, seasonal ingredients and watching your portion control. Almost everything I eat is made fresh from scratch by our brilliant chef Clara Paul advised by the latest addition to our team is a Nutritional Consultant  Rosie . I don’t snack between meals, partly because things are pretty busy in the run up to meal times but also because I prefer to have a proper meal when sit down. It’s obviously really important to combine a healthy diet with an active lifestyle, I always walk or bicycle everywhere to fit in at least an hour of exercise each day.

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I’m at work by 6.30am and the first thing I do is turn the kettle on, then fill a 1.5 litre bottle of water. I do this every morning. Our Chef Clara brought some nettle tea in recently and we’ve all become addicted, it’s warming and has such a gentle flavour.

Breakfast: At 7am I make everyone who is at work marmite on toast

Lunch: Orzo with a tomato sauce, grated Parmesan and watercress. On Mondays we sit down as a team for lunch after all the morning deliveries are done, usually around 2.30pm.


Dinner: Raw Winter Veg Pot. It’s on our menu every day and the ingredients vary depending on the time of year, at the moment it’s got lots of red cabbage, carrots, brussel sprouts, avocado, pomegranate, cauliflower, alfafa and china rose radish sprouts.In the week I have supper at around 6pm. I like to eat early and something light, otherwise I don’t sleep very well.

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Breakfast: This morning I had a milky coffee and clementine for breakfast at 7am.

Lunch: We shared two salad pots with some St Felicien (a soft, French cow’s cheese) from our new cheesemonger. The two salads were; Fresh Salmon, Egg & Wholegrain Rice and a Roast Beetroot, Lentil & Walnut.

Dinner: Spinach and nutmeg soup pot. This is my favourite pot, it was the first recipe I developed and based on something my granny used to make us as kids.

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Breakfast: Marmite on toast

Lunch: Roast sweet potato, kale and bulgur wheat salad pot with pomegranate

Dinner: Last weekend a friend brought me back my favourite hot chocolate from Switzerland (Caotina) so I had a mug of it (made with organic whole milk) and slice of our banana and pecan Loaf for supper.  The banana and pecan loaf is made with rye flour and yoghurt, which gives it an amazing texture and distinct taste. I’m not sure what it is about hot chocolate but I always have the best nights sleep afterwards.

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Breakfast: I was in the market early this morning so had a green tea and banana for breakfast

Lunch: Organic sausage, rosemary and bean cassoulet with a bit of focaccia. Our menu changes weekly and the pots vary depending on season. When we were developing this recipe I took one home, and on a Sunday morning tested putting it into an oven proof dish, cracking an egg over the beans and baking it for 10 minutes. It was SO good, the easiest homemade, cooked breakfast ever!

Dinner: Spinach and nutmeg soup with some Comte cheese

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Breakfast: Nutty granola with organic natural yoghurt, fresh pear and fig. I was testing breakfast pots for an event next week!

Lunch: Coconut Chicken Rice pot

Dinner: In the evening I went to the cinema with my friend Eloise and had a glass of red wine in front of the film

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I wake up quite early on the weekends but usually make myself a big cup of jasmine tea and get back into bed, listen to the radio and read.

Breakfast: Pumpernickel bread, a soft boiled egg and half an avocado drizzled with rapeseed oil , sea salt and pepper. My dad is in town so he made breakfast for me and my two brothers.

Lunch: I ate at the Petersham Nurseries Tea House  and had a mixture of their daily salads and shared a shared a slice of Orange, Almond & Lavender Cake.

Dinner: In the evening I met up with my friend Frank (currently Chef at Story), who I trained with at Ballymaloe 10 years ago, to celebrate his recent engagement, I drank a couple Cucumber Martinis.

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Breakfast: Porridge with added honey, almonds and flaxseeds. My mum always makes it with water, which I didn’t like at first but now prefer (which is also quite handy as I never have milk at home because I’m so rarely there).

Lunch: It was my uncle’s birthday so twenty of us went to a big family lunch at his house. I had roast ham, lots of delicious salads and a small glass of white wine.

Dinner: My mum always makes omelettes for whoever is around on a Sunday evening, the filling depends on what’s in the fridge but usually mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach.