My Week in Food: Georgie Spurling

Ayesha Muttucumaru 26 April 2016
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My Week in Food: Georgie Spurling

Looking for some great tasting food for thought? Then look no further than Georgie Spurling’s food and lifestyle blog  to find it. As lead personal trainer at DUO, Chelsea  and all round foodie fanatic, Georgie is inspired by all things healthy, hearty and above all, tasty. Therefore, we thought who better to ask to serve up some vegan recipe cookbook inspiration and to showcase how food and fitness work hand in hand than her. “Hopefully it’ll leave some of you inspired to get creative in the kitchen and make yourself some healthy but exciting food,” says Georgie. It’s certainly inspired us.

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Breakfast This morning was particularly cold in London so I needed my favourite breakfast of porridge. So warming and fulfilling, you honestly can’t beat it. Today was raspberry and almond butter porridge topped with bee pollen and coconut flakes – absolutely dreamy.  My secret tip is to cook the almond butter and raspberries in with the porridge so it all melts together.

Lunch I was at DUO today (the gym I work at) so I took my lunch to go. This consisted of some quinoa cooked in vegetable stock to which I added chopped walnuts, raisins and peas - super simple, but utterly delicious and satisfying.

Snack As soon as I got home I had 2 apples drizzled with Tahini - a great combination.

Dinner Tonight was my famous Sweet Potato Gnocchi , which I made for my flatmate as well. This is one of my all-time favourite meals and one of the most popular on my blog. I drench it in my vegan pesto and add vegetables. It’s dreamy.

Snack After dinner tonight, I made myself a vegan hot chocolate using almond milk, cacao, almond butter and maple syrup. Tastes like a treat but is actually pretty healthy.

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Breakfast This morning I was running out the door in a rush to an early client, so I grabbed two bananas. This didn’t keep me going for a very long time, so I then proceeded to have a second breakfast at a café in Chelsea called ‘Who Loves You’. I always order their Clean and Lean smoothie and an almond milk cappuccino.

Lunch Today I was home for lunch, so I made some Spinach Pancakes . I made three huge pancakes and drizzled tahini on the top and topped it all off with some cherry tomatoes.

Snack I was feeling rather hungry this afternoon, so I grabbed a Clif Bar on the go. My favourite is white chocolate and macadamia.

Dinner Today for dinner, I had courgetti with pea and basil sauce. I love this green bowl of goodness - it’s definitely a regular.

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Breakfast Today I was in a huge rush again, so I grabbed some oats and shoved them in a bowl with some water, maple syrup and maca powder and cooked them. This may seem boring and simple, but it is the most filling and speediest of breakfasts.

Lunch Today I met a friend for lunch out and had avocado on toast with tomatoes and seeds. This is one of my most favourite things to order when out.

Snack I was starving this afternoon, so I made a batch of my simple shortbread and ate 4 of them - NO SHAME!

Dinner Tonight’s dinner was seaweed wraps. These are my new obsession - I absolutely love them and could eat them every single day if I could. I made this one with tahini, spinach, corn and Brussels sprouts, topped with chilli sauce. Honestly, you can put any combination on these and they work!

Snack Two more shortbreads down!

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Breakfast Today I had a green juice to start my day off. I find a combination of cucumber, broccoli, spinach, lime, mint, apple and cayenne pepper extremely energising and cleansing.

Snack I made a batch of my favourite granola  last night, which I decided to consume for a sort of second breakfast/snack. I literally eat this on its own. It’s so good and only made with three ingredients – oats, almond butter and maple syrup.

Lunch I made my Kale Salad  today, which I really enjoy - so fresh and light but also really satisfying.

Dinner Tonight I made some Vegan Burgers , which I had with just a simple rocket salad. These are surprisingly really filling.

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Breakfast I had a bit more time for breakfast this morning, so I made my Raspberry and Coconut Loaf . This is by far my favourite breakfast to have when I have time to make it. I spread some almond butter on top and it’s just the most delicious thing ever!

Lunch I was so cold this lunchtime and the only thing I fancy eating when I’m cold is soup. So I quickly whizzed up a recipe from my blog of Sweet Potato, Carrot and Parsnip Soup . I had this with two slices of toasted rye bread and it hit the spot.

Snack This afternoon I was feeling particularly hungry, so made a batch of my Ginger Nut Biscuits . SO GOOD!

Dinner Tonight’s dinner was a simple one of sweet potato, tofu and veg. Sometimes I just want to cook something up quickly that doesn’t take any effort.

Snack Finished off the ginger biscuits...

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Breakfast This morning was porridge with raspberry and banana again. I also added some granola on top, which is surprisingly good as it adds texture.

Lunch For lunch I made some of my Broccoli Flatbread , which is always a winner. My favourite topping is chickpeas and tahini.

Snack Today’s snack was two bananas. I needed something sweet and something that had a lot of energy as I was going boxing.

Dinner Tonight I made another one of my regulars which is my Creamy Mushroom Pasta .

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Breakfast This morning’s breakfast was a green smoothie. My go-to green smoothie consists of frozen banana, spinach and cacao. It tastes so chocolatey and sweet, but packs in a lot of greens at the same time.

Lunch I had an early lunch of Stuffed Aubergine . I filled them with brown rice and vegetables and topped them with a white sauce made from nutritional yeast.

Snack I made some Chocolate Peanut Butter Rounds  from my blog as I was making them for my flatmates to try out too! These are too good to be true and taste like Reese’s pieces.

Dinner This evening I was recipe testing for my blog, so I made Vegan Mac and Cheese . It turned out amazingly and tastes like the real deal! Loved it!