My Week in Food: Giles Humphries, Mindful Chef co-founder

Judy Johnson 18 April 2017
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My Week in Food: Myles & Giles of Mindful Chef

Myles  and Giles, two school friends from Devon, have just published their debut cookbook: Mindful Chef; Eat Well, Live Better . The pair set up healthy recipe box company, Mindful Chef which has gone on to be loved by many including Victoria Pendleton and Sir Andy Murray.

In between book promos, running their healthy business and hosting sell-out supper clubs, they also like to keep fit and active. They recently raised over £1million crowdfunding for their business Mindful Chef in just 12 days and are rated the UK’s favourite recipe box company on Trustpilot. Read more about their week in food below...

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Monday - Giles

Breakfast - My absolute go-to breakfast for most of the week is ‘overnight oats’. This literally takes 2 minutes in the evening to prep, just grab some Tupperware, put in some rolled oats and soak in almond milk with a scattering of blueberries. In the morning you can just grab and go!

Snack - I’ll often grab a mid-morning snack before the lunchtime gym session. This morning it’s a banana (occasionally with Pip & Nut on top!) - a great energy kick.

Lunch - A super quick, 15 minute, one pan job: Pad Thai with chicken, red chilli, coriander & courgetti .

Dinner - Through the experience of setting up Mindful Chef and working with our super talented team, including Chef Louisa, we have discovered some fab ingredients that you wouldn’t ordinarily have tried. This time it is purple sweet potato, delicious! Cajun chicken, salsa & purple sweet potato.

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Tuesday - Giles

Breakfast - If I have a little more time, I’ll add some salmon and poached eggs for breakfast. Full of protein and omega 3 to start the day off right. Salmon with poached egg, asparagus & seaweed .

Lunch - I’m often (like most nowadays) time pressed at lunch, so a quick omelette is the way to go. I’ll load it with peppers, onions and some steamed tenderstem broccoli. A hearty, healthy lunch.

Snack - An apple and a handful of nuts (I love cashews) help keep energy levels topped up and hunger at bay. Just have a Tupperware in your desk at work and have an assortment of nuts in there ready to go.

Dinner - We are lucky in the UK that we have an abundance of seafood landing on our shores. Where Mindful Chef sources its seafood off the beautiful Cornish coast, we have over 40 species land every day. One of the tastiest is pollack (often spelt pollock) which is Crispy pollack & sweet potato chips .

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Wednesday - Giles

Breakfast – I love overnight oats. I mix mine up and include some cashew milk and add some raspberries and a selection of seeds. This gives you the slow release energy needed throughout your morning.

Lunch - I’ll have this prepared in some Tupperware from the night before, ready to re-heat so I have a quick go-to healthy meal. Red Thai chicken curry with courgetti .

Dinner - To finish the day off I’ll get home a grab a Mindful Chef recipe from the fridge. It’s all there to go in its brown paper bag so I just need to whip it up in less than 20 mins and I’m sorted with a healthy gluten free dish. One of my personal favourites is the beef satay skewers with pickled cucumber & brown rice.

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Thursday - Myles

Breakfast - Poached eggs, avocado, kale and sweet potato toast (a new favourite of mine).

Lunch - It’s the book launch today and Giles and I have been taken to The Tate for lunch by our publishers Penguin. I’ve ordered a 45 day old rump steak for the main. Delicious.

Dinner - I’m finishing off my last Mindful Chef meal of the week - beef goulash and cauliflower mash.

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Friday - Myles

Breakfast - We’ve made some pancakes from the new book for everyone in the office. A perfect way to refuel after the gym and our launch party last night!

Lunch - Team lunch - luckily for us we have some really talented foodies in the office who can cook great food. Today was a  pork meatball and butterbean casserole.

Dinner - Fajita Friday! Every Friday is fajita night in my house. Tonight we have fajitas but replace the wraps with lettuce tacos . So tasty!

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Saturday - Myles

Breakfast - I like to go for a run around the common on Saturday mornings and I love a cooked breakfast afterwards. Today is poached eggs, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, kale and some brazil nuts.

Lunch - The weather is so nice we’ve gone for a walk around Richmond park. They have a great cafe which serves amazing salads - I’ve gone for the pancetta and mushroom pizza though. Life’s all about balance after all.

Dinner - I’ve cooked a basil pesto and chicken courgetti  tonight.

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Sunday - Myles

Breakfast - There’s a great new place called The Yardbird that’s just opened up near me that do a delicious Shakshuka .

Lunch - Pan fried salmon with a mixed salad.

Dinner - My Mindful Chef box has just arrived and I’m eating the r osemary crusted lamb with parsnip fries.