My Week In Food: Joe Wicks

26 July 2017
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My Week In Food: Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach , is rapidly taking over the world one  Instagram  follower at a time.  His hilarious, regular #leanin15 videos show how anyone can easily and quickly create healthy meals that if combined with high intensity exercise will transform your body. A sports science degree, extensive personal training experience and now an  online nutrition coach  - what does the man who has  transformed  the bodies of 2000 people actually eat on a weekly basis?

"My nutrition consists a good ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates eaten at the right time of the day. This ensures I get the best hormonal response from my body and keep me fuelled for workouts. I eat two low carb/high fat meals and one high carb post workout refuel meal every day. I don’t snack much because I make large meals that are high in nutrients so I always have enough energy. If I do snack or treat myself it will be things like total Greek yoghurt with blueberries or some homemade chocolate protein mousse. I drink five litres of water a day and maybe two cups of green tea."

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Breakfast: Four egg omelette with feta cheese, mixed nuts and seeds. High in protein and the healthy fats to fuel my day.

Lunch: Extra lean muscle mince with fried egg in Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

Dinner: Homemade chicken pizza flatbreads

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Breakfast: Vanilla and blueberry protein pancakes with total greek yogurt  and fresh berries

Lunch: Malaysian fish curry with seabass

Dinner: Low carb turkey meatballs with feta cheese and tomato sauce

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Breakfast: Omelette with salmon and feta

Lunch: Salmon with harissa paste and parmesan cheese

Dinner: Thai green chicken curry with rice

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Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and fresh rocket

Lunch: Sausage and sweet potato stew

Dinner: Sweet chilli prawn salad

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Breakfast: Grilled sea bass with avocado salad

Lunch: Salmon with mixed veg

Dinner: Chilli and basil beef stir fry with cashew nuts

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Breakfast: Home made turkey burgers with avocado

Lunch: Homemade chicken madras curry

Dinner: Chicken, feta and avocado salad

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Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with ham

Lunch: Chilli and lime salmon with noodles

Dinner: Peri peri chicken with avocado, mange tout, feta cheese and cashew nuts