My Week in Food: Karen Cummings-Palmer

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My Week in Food: Karen Cummings-Palmer

I’m a big fan of food and believe in feeding my face – quite literally which means I focus on ingredients that will support my complexion, my muscle tone and my soul! I try to buy organic where possible and make almost everything from scratch. I embrace fat, limit sugar and avoid highly processed food, which means I won’t eat anything out of a box but I will use tins of organic pulses. I have the luxury of being able to manage my diary and I am often able to organise meetings and client consultations between or indeed over meals at my dining room table. But I also believe that we must not sacrifice good in pursuit of perfection and sometimes good quality convenience can help, not hinder, good health, so  STRIPPD  organic protein powders and green superfood powders are always at hand.

I start every day with a glass of room temperature water (I drink tap water purified with charcoal or alkaline water throughout the day and glass bottled water in a restaurant) and two YOUTH amino acid complex capsules. I exercise for 10 minutes every morning alternating free weights with Pilates moves and a little cardio. I take two Omega 3 and two STRIPPD Glow capsules , £15, that are packed with the key ‘beauty boosters,’ MSM, collagen, biotin and vitamins C and A to support my skin, hair and nails. If I’m travelling I take an immunity tincture, grapefruit seed extract and additional vitamin C as well as vitamin D in the winter and indeed during some of the English summer too. I take a course of probiotics three or four times a year and I use a magnesium spray at night before bedtime to aid relaxation and help with calcium absorption.

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Pre-breakfast: Today, I follow my morning movement routine with apple cider vinegar with ‘mother’ (mother is a cellulose substance made up of Acetobacter, a very acidic strain of bacteria. It has a characteristically sour taste and is believed to have lots of health benefits, including antibacterial properties) and turmeric in warm water, then a shot of E3 live frozen algae with Aloe Ferox and fresh ginger.

Breakfast: A STRIPPD vegan vanilla smoothie bowl with banana, berries, coconut chips and ground chia seeds, followed by an Espresso.

Lunch: Black rice with adzuki beans, carrots, kale, tomato and avocado with lemon, apple cider with ‘mother’ and sesame dressing.

Afternoon: Matcha green tea.

Dinner: Pan fried wild salmon with kale and sprouted beans and cashew nut pesto dressing. I whizz up the pesto in the Nutribullet, it takes seconds so I just make it as I need it often with frozen herbs I’ve washed, chopped and put in the freezer the week before. Most of what I cook is super-fast to prepare and I only give my clients 10 to 20 minute recipes because frankly, life is too short and busy schedules can be a real obstacle to health.

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Pre-breakfast: Warm water with the juice of half a lemon followed by an E3 live frozen algae, Aloe Ferox juice and fresh ginger shot.

Breakfast: Poached egg and avocado dressed with lemon, Himalayan salt and black pepper on a slice of buttered rye bread.

Lunch: I have a lunch meeting at The Olympic Club in Barnes and order roasted cod with samphire, spinach and pea purée which is very good.

Afternoon: Matcha green tea. I am not a fan of snacking and encourage my clients to have three good meals a day on most days but just occasionally, I will have a handful of nuts or a piece or two of dark chocolate and today it’s cashew nuts.

Dinner: Bone broth from Sunday’s roast lunch.

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Pre-breakfast: Apple cider vinegar with ‘mother’ and turmeric, in warm water.

Breakfast: A kiwi fruit and a poached egg on a bed of asparagus. I try and eat seasonally and as this nutrient dense vegetable is only around for a few short months, it features heavily in my summer meals.

Lunch: I consult for the Sanderson London Hotel and I have just created the latest wellness menu for summer. One of my favourite things on the menu is the beef salad with mung bean noodles - it packs a powerful protein punch with the sensation of comforting carbohydrate, as well as a delicious kick. I love Asian flavours and so many of the herbs and spices double up as immunity, metabolism and complexion boosters. Dessert is my coconut-based ice cream that is sweetened with coconut syrup and is entirely free of dairy and a glass of Skinny Champagne.

Dinner: After an indulgent lunch I want to eat light so I have a seaweed, pea shoot and cucumber salad with sesame and apple cider with ‘mother’ dressing.

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Pre-breakfast: Warm water with the juice of half a lemon and a green superfood juice with berries.

Breakfast: An omelette with broccolini and mushrooms that have been left out in the sun – they absorb rays just like our skin, making much-needed and depleted Vitamin D. I follow this with an Espresso.

Lunch: A sprouted rice, seaweed, kimchee, and sweet potato bowl with tahini dressing.

Afternoon: Matcha green tea.

Dinner: Crab salad with avocado, asparagus, tomatoes and rocket dressed with lime, apple cider vinegar with ‘mother’ and fresh coriander.

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Pre-breakfast: Apple cider vinegar with turmeric in warm water.

Breakfast: An E3 live frozen algae, Aloe Ferox and fresh ginger shot, followed by the last of the sun soaked mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with parsley on a slice of rye.

Lunch: One of my clients comes over for a cooking class, so I teach her a protein rich, nutrient dense dish that is incredibly easy to make and bursting with flavor: quinoa in turmeric, ginger and coconut sauce with peas, asparagus and a poached egg.

Afternoon: Matcha green tea.

Dinner: We go to a Japanese restaurant with friends where I have edamame beans, a selection of sashimi and a glass of champagne.

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Breakfast: My husband and I decide to take a long walk along the river in Barnes so we have a STRIPPD vegan vanilla smoothie with berries and green superfood powder to give us some fast fuel without weighing us down.

Lunch: I love making pizza, it feels like such an indulgence but it is also quick, easy and delicious. I use a shop bought organic rye base and top it with tomato sauce, goat’s cheese, bresaola, broccolini and olives.

Afternoon: Matcha green tea.

Dinner: Grilled mackerel with ginger and chilli served on a bed of bok choy and carrots with Thai basil, coriander and mint leaves.

My husband and I stay in and watch a movie with the obligatory bowl of popcorn that I make in coconut oil, sprinkled with coconut syrup and Himalayan salt.

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Pre-breakfast: A green superfood powder smoothie with berries.

Breakfast: My oatmeal, chia and raisin cookies make a great breakfast or afternoon snack. This morning, I added a spoonful of STRIPPD Vanilla , £20, to boost the protein content. I follow this with an Espresso.

Lunch: We had a family lunch at my parents and indulged in double helpings of my mother’s Jollof rice which is a tomato based chicken stew served with basmati rice, fried plantains and spring greens – delicious. I also have a glass of red wine.

Dinner: Tuna, rocket, avocado and cucumber salad with lemon, pomegranate, balsamic and avocado oil dressing.