My Week In Food: Laura Agar Wilson

Ayesha Muttucumaru 25 November 2015
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My Week In Food: Laura Agar Wilson

My approach to nutrition is one of balance. In the past I’ve eaten a diet full of rubbish, as well as trying strict raw vegan diets. What I’ve learned is that whenever I try and deny myself something, it backfires. Now, I don’t see any food as off limits and instead I try and focus on eating more of the foods that make me feel good inside and out. This is really part of my wholeheartedly healthy approach, because I believe the stress that comes from restrictive nutritional approaches can sometimes outweigh the benefits. Health is so much more than just the food we eat, so I try and approach my health holistically.

As a busy mum of a 1 year old, I let go of trying to have the ‘perfect’ diet a long time ago. Now I do my best with the time I have available. Usually I’d batch cook more on a weekend to see me through the week, but we’d just came back from holiday the weekend before - thankfully there are some healthier convenience options available!

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Breakfast: I always start the day with a mug of warm water before I have anything else. I headed straight to the gym after dropping off my son at nursery. After the gym, I ate a Trek protein flapjack. As it’s a Monday, I decided to treat myself to a small flat white on the way home.

Snack: Late morning I was ready for something more, so I made my winter pear and ginger green smoothie ( recipe here ). I also took my supplements which I usually take with lunch or a snack so that my morning coffee doesn’t interfere with their absorption. Right now, I take  Pure Pharma Magnesium , £20.50,  Vitamin D , £12.50,  Omega 3 , £26.50, and their  SB3 probiotic , £29, well as  Pharma Nord Bio-Gluco Control , £18.95, to help with my blood sugar balance.

Lunch: I ate lunch quite late, and just mixed together some quinoa, lentils, beetroot and feta topped with pomegranates and balsamic dressing to make a quick salad.

Dinner: For dinner I ate some leftover chicken and sweet potato wedges from my weekend meal, along with some steamed kale and a dollop of hummus.

During the day I drink green tea, different Tea Huggers blends and plain warm water which I enjoy more than cold water at this time of year. Before bed, I love Tea Huggers Detox Tea , £4.50.

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Breakfast: Breakfast was a gorgeous bowl of Planet Organic Paleo Grain Free Cacao Granola , £6.99, with blueberries and unsweetened almond milk. I also had a coffee with organic full fat milk.

Lunch: I ate the other half of the salad I prepared for lunch yesterday.

Snack: In the afternoon, I was at a session with one of the community projects I work with. We made cauliflower pizza and I enjoyed a couple of slices.

Dinner: I got back late, so I threw together a mixture of peppers, scrambled eggs, feta and avocado with salad. After dinner, I snacked on a spoonful of delicious raw cacao hazelnut butter to give me a sweet hit.

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Breakfast: I try and start my day with protein as often as possible; and scrambled eggs with avocado is one of my favourite breakfasts. I made my son some scrambled eggs to go with his breakfast too. I also have a coffee with full fat organic milk.

Snack: A Plenish green juice.

Lunch: I was in a hurry to get to an appointment with my son, so I grabbed a BOL Keralan Coconut Chicken pot , £3.79, for lunch.

Snack: I had a small coffee with a friend and an apple with almond butter when I got home, which I shared with my son.

Dinner: I baked some wild salmon and some roast butternut squash and Brussels sprouts to go with it.

My friend had sent me home with some leftover avocados as neither she, her partner or her daughter like them (crazy I know!). Instead of letting it go to waste, I whipped up some chocolate avocado mousse by blending it up with cacao powder and maple syrup.

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Breakfast: I had to work on-the-go from a coffee shop, so snacked on a raw brazil nut and hemp bar and a Plenish green juice before treating myself to a cappuccino.

Lunch: I enjoyed a great yoga class at Happy Yoga Newcastle, so grabbed lunch at the brilliant Bunker Coffee and Kitchen. I had one of their protein hot boxes followed by a sweet potato brownie.

Dinner: I roasted some veggies that needed using up and threw in some chickpeas to make a salad then topped it with pomegranate seeds and a maple tahini dressing.

Later, I had another serving of chocolate avocado mousse.

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Breakfast: I made porridge with a chopped pear topped with raw cacao hazelnut butter. I also had a coffee with full fat organic milk.

Lunch: I bulked up some Covent Garden ‘Skinny’ Tomato and Lentil Soup , £1, with leftover chickpeas and quinoa and topped with feta.

Snack: I was out with a friend and we both had a huge slice of chocolate orange cake and a cup of tea. I didn’t quite finish the cake, but it was worth every bite!

Dinner: After making the successful cauliflower pizza earlier in the week, I decided to make it again for me and my husband for dinner.

Later I had 4 squares of Green & Black’s 85% cocoa chocolate , £2.19.

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Breakfast: I had two eggs fried in coconut oil on top of two slices of organic seeded bread. I also had a coffee with full fat organic milk and a little later, a Plenish green juice.

Lunch: The other half of the bulked up soup from Friday.

Snack: I made a green smoothie with spinach, apple, pear, ginger and unsweetened almond milk and shared it with my son.

Dinner: Earlier in the day, I’d put some ingredients into the slow cooker to make a simple but delicious organic beef stew which I had with steamed broccoli.

Later, I had four squares of Green & Black’s 85% cocoa chocolate.

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Breakfast: I made a bowl of porridge with thawed frozen cherries and topped with almond butter.

Lunch: I made a big Sunday lunch for my family with roast chicken, maple tamari roasted sprouts, carrots, broccoli, mashed sweet potato and mashed potato, plus a cheeky Yorkshire Pud and some homemade chicken gravy.

For dessert, I had a small bowl of The Coconut Collaborative Chocolate Snowconut Frozen Yoghurt , £4.70.

Dinner: Ready to have for the coming week, I made a pan of butternut, roasted red pepper and chilli soup, so I enjoyed a bowl of that.

Later, I made a healthy hot chocolate with raw cacao, coconut sugar and unsweetened almond milk.