My Week in Food: Lizzie Loves Healthy

Judy Johnson 3 May 2018
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Lizzie King's food diary

Founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy and author of the cookbook,  Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food , mother of three Lizzie King is known for her easy, nutritional recipes for families as well as running workshops to coach parents on how to cook well for their children. Here’s how she eats in a typical week…

“I want everything I eat and I share with my kids to be as delicious as possible, and full of real food that will do us all some good. But I found the recipes I loved took longer than I had, which is when I started writing my own, which was so much more fun than I thought it would be and what led to my book!

“No two weeks ever look the same, and as much as I urge people to plan menus, I love writing them out, but I just can’t do it. I hate the thought of knowing what I’m having every day stretching ahead of me on Sunday night, and I love just going with the urge of the moment. So I go from cooking old favourites, experimenting with whatever is looking perky at the time and raiding the fridge and making whatever I fancy. Breakfasts are a rush, lunch I have on my own / working and supper we try to have together, so has become the main meal when we all hang out and chat.”

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Breakfast: We have lovely leftover asparagus and prosciutto frittata from Sunday brunch which everyone has with granary toast.

Lunch: Emails to catch up on and a quick bowl of green leaves, cherry tomatoes and seared, marinated tofu with a dollop of pesto and pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top.

Supper: Butternut squash and spinach risotto to comfort a Monday evening. And I make a batch of my salted caramel squares to finish.

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Breakfast: Chilly morning needs reviving with bowls of Spiced Plum Quinoa Porridge , fruity and filling.

Lunch: I’m teaching a class today, so we eat all the proceeds: sweet potato bhajis, egg muffins, and summer lemon chicken.

Supper: Miso Chicken Noodle Soup with the shredded chicken in the fridge and whatever veg there is.

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Breakfast: Overnight Chia Berry Pots refreshing and with lots of extra fresh fruit that I felt like.

Lunch: Running around town so I pick up a tasty box at The Detox Kitchen, salmon burger, green slaw and tasty dressing - really fresh, fast food.

Supper: Make some of my Pecan Brownie Balls  for pick up time, then a bowl of Three Beans & Lentil Chilli – extra spice on mine.

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Breakfast: Feel like something fast and refreshing so I have my favourite all time smoothie Salted Caramel Choc Shake.

Lunch: Made my Spring Chicken tray bake and ate in the sun, with leftovers for the kids when I go out later.

Supper: Out at an event so I grab some energy balls I stashed in the freezer for the journey. Then snaffle some delicious canapes by Peardrop with a few glasses of champagne.

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Breakfast: Supplies are dwindling so we all have good old avocado on toast with a squeeze of lemon.

Lunch: Make a roasted carrot and ginger soup whilst my Easy Quinoa Loaf is baking, and eat them together.

Supper: Stuck on a fish Friday thing since school. Got my crispy fish on with bowls of all the trimmings, and corn tortillas they’re greedily wrapped up in.

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Breakfast: Got it together to make a jar of my Choco Coco Granola which no one ever gets into the bowl, but eat by the handful all day.

Lunch: Sunny lunch outside with friends over – salads galore and some barbecue work from my husband, Lentil, Feta and Cherry Tomato Salad  is my plate filler.

Supper: We’re out at a friends’ house and she makes an amazing Lebanese spread, all the smokey dips, fragrant rices with aubergine and lamb dishes that I ask for the recipe to plus maybe a little too much of that fabulous Lebanese red wine! I take my Chestnut Chocolate Cloud Cake, as I’m a greedy coeliac and I hate missing out on pudding.

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Breakfast: A lazy sunny Sunday, I promise the children my Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes, but they turn into raspberry versions, the same recipe with pink caramelised jamminess instead. Fluffy and gorgeous, drizzled with maple syrup.

Lunch: We have a late family lunch of lemon roast chicken with maple roasted sweet potatoes and buttered spring greens.

Supper: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes on granary bread from the market whilst the homework madness goes on.