My Week in Food: Lorraine Pascale

21 September 2016
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My Week in Food: Lorraine Pascale

I have always loved food. In the early days though it was eating it, rather than cooking it! At school food and nutrition was my favourite subject and had I not left school to become a model at 16, I would most certainly have gone on to study food and nutrition at A level, along with biology and French.

Food for me has always been a source of comfort - a consistent crutch through the vicissitudes of life. I would always focus on what food might be waiting for me at whatever destination I was going to, be it a friend’s house for a play date, my dad’s house for the weekend or even a visit to a museum: I always loved the museum shop and the shortbread biscuits they sold there! Aside from an unhealthy spell during my modelling days, my relationship with food has been pretty good. Like most people, I try to eat as well as I can, and like many people I beat myself up when I grab that mint chocolate bar or packet of prawn cocktail crisps. However, I know that I always strive to do my best and exercise has helped me maintain focus and balance. As a treat, I enjoy baking cakes to share with friends and family.

I’m supporting Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning  on 30th September and will enjoy baking up some of my favourite sweet treats to share with my loved ones for a great cause. Visit  to see how to make my strawberry open tart or to find other recipes and inspiration for your own World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

For more information or to get your free Coffee Morning kit, which includes all the things you need to host a wonderful event,  visit .

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Breakfast: Up early in LA to make phone calls to London before the end of the business day. In between calls, I manage to boil up three eggs, cut half an avocado and cook up some thin rye bread. My eggs are always free range and organic. If I can’t find them like that, then I don’t have them. After breakfast, I have my daily protein shake - two scoops of vanilla vegan protein powder along with spirulina, maca, ceremonial grade matcha green tea and L glutamine. I have this along with some multi vitamins.

Lunch: Pan fried MSC cod dusted in flour and chilli, with rocket and cherry tomatoes on gluten-free spinach tortillas.

Dinner: Lebanese chicken wrap with hummous, salad and tomatoes.

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Breakfast: Up early but I have no bread. So it’s just three hard boiled eggs, some cherry tomatoes, my green shake and supplements.

Lunch: Vegan extravaganza - chickpeas with greens and herbs served on Mexican style cous cous with lashings of extra virgin olive oil.

Dinner: Bad dinner day! I grab a protein bar, some Doritos and a piece of fudge from the 7/11 store. Shameful. But human.

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Breakfast: A creature of habit…I start the day with an egg white omelette containing cherry tomatoes and chives. I have it with toasted rye bread.

Lunch: At Cecconi’s in Beverley Hills. I have grilled octopus salad with capers, and cauliflower steak on some starchy yumminess with lots of olive oil.

Dinner: Grilled lemon scallops with thyme on a bed of spinach and rocket with cherry tomatoes.

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Breakfast: Egg white omelette with thyme, rosemary and chives on toasted rye bread with my green shake and supplements.

Lunch: Grilled salt and pepper chicken served on a bed of rice with a coriander, mint, mixed greens and pomegranate salad.

Dinner: I was baking cakes in the afternoon which meant I ate cake all afternoon! Feel too horrible to eat anything else so I just have a protein shake and a lot of water.

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Breakfast: Protein and oat pancakes with maple syrup and my green shake and supplements.

Lunch: Grilled halibut with a mango, coriander and tomato salsa, plus a brown rice gluten-free tortilla.

Dinner: Out in Santa Monica: Vietnamese chicken salad with brown rice.

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Breakfast: Three hard boiled eggs with tomatoes and toasted rye bread, a green shake and supplements.

Lunch: Kale, red pepper, herbs and egg salad with tomatoes and grilled chicken.

Dinner: Cheese plate with blue cheese and ham and tortilla crisps and parma ham.

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Breakfast: Protein bar and protein shake, plus three eggs, rye bread and tomatoes.

Lunch: Tinned sardines with a rocket and tomato salad. Served with olive oil and a tortilla wrap.

Dinner: Grilled halibut with eggs and a mixed green salad, served with a gluten-free tortilla wrap.