My Week in Food: Lucy Mackenzie, Founder of Lucy's Dressings

Victoria Woodhall 4 August 2018
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My Week in Food: Lucy Mackenzie, Founder of Lucy's Dressings

Lucy Mackenzie is the Founder of Lucy’s Dressings  and the genius behind their many flavours, having created the brand from her kitchen while pregnant. Lucy now has three children and lives in London with her husband Ludo. Here she shares what a typical week on her plate looks like - think freshly baked fish, homemade bircher muesli, the odd indulgence of dark chocolate and of course, plenty of dressings to give those salads a kick...

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Breakfast: Monday morning's always chaotic so I have my breakfast after I’ve taken the kids to school. I like to go for a quick 20min walk to clear my head and think about the week ahead. When I get back I’ll have my go-to bircher museli that I try to make on Sunday nights. It’s so delicious I never know when to stop eating it so I tend to put it in jam jars and then I can eat it on the move or at my desk. I like to top it with with seasonal fruit.

Lunch: After Monday morning meetings I’m always in need of a good coffee, I can see Gails’  from my office window which is dangerous. On Mondays I’m normally feeling like I need to be good after the weekend so have a salad with chicken (leftover from Sunday lunch) avocado and green beans, topped with my favourite Munchy seeds.

Dinner: I go to a great 6.30pm spin class on a Monday and then rush back for stories and ushering the kids into bed which takes forever so we very often eat too late. We normally eat fish on a Monday and we love baked salmon with sesame and Nigella seeds which I often serve with a veggie stir-fry made with Lucy’s Ginger Sesame Dressing .

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Breakfast: I try to go for a run on Tuesday mornings after I’ve dropped the kids off at school so I tend to have a later breakfast and just have a quick cup of tea and the pick at the children’s breakfast before my run. Toast with peanut butter and apple. Mid morning Pukka turmeric tea.

Lunch: Prawn, cucumber and lime salad with Authentic Asian Dressing .

Snack: I’m always really hungry on Tuesdays so I have a banana and a ginger nut biscuit when I come back from collecting the kids from school.

Dinner: Turmeric, ginger and lime marinated chicken fried with soy, lime, fish sauce and served with basmati rice and pak choy.

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Breakfast: I have an early drop off on a Wednesday so I try and fit in a swim before getting to my desk and reaching for the bircher muesli. Mid morning builder's tea and a few pieces of dark chocolate – I know, crazy!

Lunch: Roasted vegetables, pearl barley and rocket.

Dinner: Home alone so Waitrose fish cakes with delicious green salad with Zesty Mayo Dressing . Followed by an orange and more Lindt chocolate – whoops!

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Breakfast: I’ve got a meeting in town so I’ll fill my jam jar with soy yoghurt, berries, banana and granola.

Lunch: I’ll grab a coffee from Black Lab  by Clapham Common tube and have lunch at my desk today. Asparagus, flaked almonds and leftover rice salad with beetroot relish.

Dinner: Out for supper with girlfriends at a local sharing plates, Crispy Keralan Chicken, salt and pepper squid, black cod and 2 glasses of rose. Cappuccino.

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Breakfast: My husband normally works form home on a Friday which means I can go to a 6.45 spin class and be back in time to take the kids to school.  When I get back I’m ravenous so I’ll have avocado toast with soft boiled egg and a detox Pukka tea post wine!

Lunch: I’m feeling a bit exhausted so I’ll grab sushi from the Abbeville road where there’s a fantastic Japanese restaurant called Tokyo Retro  they make fresh sushi whilst you wait.

Dinner: Sea bass from my favourite local fish mongers Moxon’s  with ginger and chilli, wild rice and green beans.

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Breakfast: I try and lie in bed on a Saturday until at least 8am and then I like to have a cup of builder's tea in bed with the papers. Great in theory but very often the kids have matches or we get woken up before then. My kids absolutely love pancakes so if we have time I’ll make banana pancakes or plain pancakes.

Lunch: We’re always rushing on a Saturday to get lunch served before the girls have their ballet lessons so we tend to have chicken wraps cooked with Great Golden Dressing  and a mixture of fillings so that the kids can choose what they want.

Dinner: Dinner with friends, fillet of steak from Ginger Pig  on Abbeville Road with baked potatoes, tzatkizi and spinach salad, glass of champagne and some red wine.

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Breakfast: If I wake up early with the light I might make a dash to the Lido in Tooting for a quick swim but I don’t set up my alarm on a Sunday. If I wake up late it’s breakfast in bed - Pukka detox tea and home made granola with blueberries and sliced banana.

Lunch: We normally have a late lunch on Sunday often with family or friends. BBQ with spatchcock chicken marinated in Great Golden Dressing  and Balsamic and garlic butterfly leg of lamb, with BBQ courgette and barley served with fresh herbs.

Dinner: TV Supper on Sunday watching Suits! Omelette with tomatoes and chives and a green salad with French Bliss Dressing .