My Week In Food: Madeleine Shaw

28 April 2016
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My Week In Food: Madeleine Shaw

Aged 18 and finding herself working in an organic cafe in Sydney, Madeleine  discovered a love of healthy food and put to bed the torturous relationship she had developed with her diet (and body) in her teens. On her return to London this new found interest led to Madeleine enrolling in a nutrition course and starting her now famous blog . Between promoting her books, writing for her website , seeing private clients and hosting her popular supper clubs, Madeline squeezed in recording and snapping the food she ate for one whole week.

"My food philosophy is to eat foods you can grow, hunt or gather. I don’t believe in dieting, it's about eating foods you love that are full of nutrition and of course flavour."

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Breakfast: Poached eggs, avocado and miso sweetcorn puree .

Lunch: After a yoga session I have a sweet potato, lentil and spinach bowl .

Snack: I have two chocolate orange oat balls  as a snack while catching up on some emails.

Dinner: I have mussels at my boyfriend’s restaurant Boma  - it’s one of my favourite dishes. Instead of having unhealthy chips, I order veggies and add them into the pot, pop the lid on and shake it so that the juice covers them. Delicious!

Madeline Shaw's food diary

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Breakfast: Homemade buckwheat granola . I love cooking at home, and I usually whip up a batch of homemade granola to last the week.

Lunch: I’m working from home today so I have my roasted cauliflower, chickpea, fennel and avocado salad. 

Dinner: For dinner I’m having Za’atar salmon with a shaved fennel, carrot and almond salad.  It’s rich in protein and a delicious light dinner.

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Breakfast: Today I make a simple omelette with turmeric and serve with an avocado on the side.

Snack: I have a green juice as a snack in between meetings because I know I’ll have a late lunch.

Lunch: I get home and whip up a quick bowl of chickpea and sweet potato pasta  before heading out again.

Dinner: I went to an boxing class at my local gym this afternoon so I make some of my chilli con vegetables  for dinner and snuggle up on the sofa.

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Breakfast: His and hers smoothies! I make my boyfriend and I a smoothie before he goes to work. Mine is matcha with rice milk, avocado, dates and cacao nibs. Kieran’s is chocolate, banana, maca and protein powder.

Lunch: I’m on set filming a recipe for cauliflower pizza so once I’m finished filming we all dig in! It’s topped with pesto, chilli, tomato sauce and a touch of mozzarella.

Dinner: For dinner I get home and make my sweet potato gnocchi . It’s a very simple dinner and so tasty!

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Breakfast: Again, I have a bowl of my homemade buckwheat granola as there are some leftovers. It’s good to try and mix it up in the mornings, and I try not to eat eggs everyday. I have this with a mug of hot water with turmeric and some apple cider vinegar.

Lunch: I’m out for lunch so I grab a quick salad from Lab Organic. This one’s got chickpeas, falafel balls and a spicy cashew dressing.

Dinner: I fancy something meaty so I go for a duck salad with orange and courgette ribbons  - a recipe from my website.

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Breakfast: I try to lie in today as it’s Saturday, but I love working so I make some sprouted amaranth porridge with a grilled banana  and catch up on some emails in bed.

Lunch: After going to yoga this morning, I refuel with a green juice and a salad from Juice Baby and catch up with a friend.

Dinner: For dinner today I have my sesame roast salmon with sweet potato mash and roasted cauliflower.

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Breakfast: I always go for breakfast at Boma (my boyfriend’s restaurant) and most of the time I have the same thing. Eggs, smoked salmon, some spinach and a handful of rocket. Greens are a great addition to any type of eggs and will help fuel you for the day.

Lunch: As we are about to have a big early dinner today, I whip up some chickpea flatbread with a yoghurt dip  to have as a light lunch before the feasting begins.

Dinner: As it’s Sunday we have a roast dinner with all the trimmings. I love making my roast chicken spicy with a hint of paprika.  As it’s Sunday I make my raw banoffee pie  - it’s the dream and it’s totally sugar free!

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