My Week in Food: Marie Lavabre

28 June 2017
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My Week in Food: Marie Lavabre, co-founder of KINN

I am half French and spent a lot of time at my family farm in the South of France. We are a big foodie family and eating organic has always been the norm for us. My mother is one of nine children and all of them are incredible cooks! My grandmother, mother and aunt taught me so much about preparing food. Before meal times, my cousins and I would go to the kitchen garden and pick vegetables and then help prepare the food. Everything was always fresh, right down to the milk we would get straight from the farm next door for the most amazing hot chocolates.

Annoyingly I became quite ill a few years ago with extreme fatigue and after a lot of tests, I was told I could no longer eat gluten, wheat or yeast - one of the things I miss most on a Sunday morning is the ability to enjoy a fresh warm croissant with an espresso and my Sunday papers!

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Breakfast: I start my mornings with a fresh lemon juice and warm water and then two espressos. I’m currently trying to convert to Matcha tea, but it still tastes a bit like how I would expect pond water to…I’m persevering though! (They say it takes thirty days to form a new habit). I then have a bowl of goji berries, blueberries, mixed nuts and apple puree with a dollop of The Coconut Collaborative madagascan vanilla yoghurt on top.

Lunch: A wheat, gluten and yeast-free wrap with wild smoked salmon, hummus and lettuce.

Dinner: I’m out for dinner with friends, and as I don’t usually make this for myself, I decide to go for the gluten-free gnocchi and mussels in a saffron sauce with a couple of glasses of Chablis.

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Breakfast: A berry bowl which is quick and simple to put together.

Lunch: For lunch, we meet with our designers at The Ivy in Soho. I have the grilled seabass which is delicious. We don’t leave the table for two hours, spending most of it brainstorming about new product ranges.

Dinner: I’m not particularly hungry after such a long lunch, and so I have a quick and simple veggie soup my mother’s kindly made for us during the day.

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Breakfast: Mixed berries with gluten-free granola that my daughter Sophie makes and a Matcha tea (which I’m still trying to like!).

Dinner: As it was such a busy day, I missed lunch. However, because it is such a lovely and warm evening, we decide to marinate some chicken in spices (which I bought from a trip to Oman with my daughter and mother) and have a barbecue outside.

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Breakfast: Gluten-free porridge with cashew milk and berries.

Lunch: A wild smoked salmon salad.

Dinner: As today was spent as an admin day, it gives us time to prepare a pizza from scratch. One of my aunts is from Armenia and we love her recipes - we pair it with a nice crunchy green salad.

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Breakfast: Gluten-free cornflakes with Plenish cashew milk. My daughter and I discovered this cashew milk at Balance festival and after years of finding milk alternatives quite disgusting in cereal, we were finally happy to find one we like!

Lunch: We have meetings in town today and so lunch at Malibu kitchen at The Ned. I have a fish taco which is divine, but sadly isn’t fully gluten-free so I have to pick around it a little.

Dinner: For supper, my husband are invited to a drinks party, so only nibbles are served.

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Breakfast: I love Saturday mornings, the first thing I do is a bootcamp class at 8.30am followed by yoga. It's then back home for breakfast. Today I have pancakes with vanilla and blueberries, made using sarrasin (buckwheat flour). I buy my flour from one of my cousins in France who has a range that is gluten-free and organic and grown and milled on his farm.

Lunch: A gluten-free wrap with salad and hummus.

Snack: My daughter discovered Saint Aymes chocolates on Instagram and we absolutely love them! (We didn’t eat both bars in the picture in one sitting…as much as we would have liked to!).

Dinner: Barbecued chicken, rosemary potatoes and a big green salad.

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Breakfast: We have a lazy breakfast. My daughter often cooks baked eggs with spinach and tomatoes on a Sunday - a recipe she found from one of her favourite bloggers.

Lunch: I take my mum and daughter to Petersham Nurseries for the afternoon and for lunch, I have a mackerel salad.

Dinner: By the time we get home, we decide to finish binge watching Big Little Lies (which is just as brilliant as the book). By the time it finishes, we aren’t hungry so we have a hot chocolate and go to bed.