My Week in Food: Naturally Sassy

13 June 2017
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My Week in Food: Naturally Sassy

As a former ballet dancer, Sassy Gregson-Williams (aka Naturally Sassy) used to train up to 8 hours a day in order to stay in peak physical condition. However, she found that conflicting messages concerning healthy eating were rife in the industry - on one hand she found herself encouraged to think of herself as an athlete, but on the other, to lose weight in order to attain the right ‘look.’ She was miserable, but her love of cooking for friends, family and her growing online community saw her through her teenage years.

Choosing to hang up her professional pointe shoes to focus on her increasingly popular Naturally Sassy brand, she now seeks to help others experience the nourishing benefits of food too. “I’m on a mission to inspire women to eat well and love the skin they’re in,” she tells us. “My philosophy is all about embracing foods that are the most beneficial to your body. There is no one-size-fits all answer for what we should eat, food should be a journey of personal discovery”.

Creator of delicious recipes and founder of Ballet Blast, a fitness method that fuses high intensity training with classical dance principles, she's looking to raise the bar(re) in the wellness sphere. We caught up with Sassy to gain an insight into her weekly menu of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. . Follow Saskia on  Twitter ,  Instagram  and on her  YouTube channel .

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Breakfast: Porridge with blueberries and pumpkin seeds.

This is one of my favourite breakfasts, and my ultimate comfort food before a long day.

Snack: Protein shake.

Monday morning is my busiest for Ballet Blast clients, so I often take a scoop of vegan protein with me in my shaker to keep me going – my favourite flavour is Salted Caramel Chocolate.

Lunch: Avocado boats with coconut sour cream and sriracha.

A delicious lunch time favourite. I usually have meetings to run to on a Monday, so avocado boats are a quick and easy dish for when I’m tight on time. Just scoop out the avocado, mash it with lime and top it with coconut yogurt (mixed with apple cider vinegar) for the sriracha. Corn tortilla chips and carrots are my dippers of choice.

Dinner: Carrot fritters with an almond lime and chilli sauce.

This is a recipe from my book in the 15 minute meal section. They taste incredible and take no time to make – ideal for when I’ve reached the end of a busy day.

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Breakfast: Green smoothie with oats, banana, spinach and protein powder.

First thing on a Tuesday, I like to do a quick Ballet Blast HIIT workout and then refuel with a thick, hearty smoothie. I love smoothies – they are such a great way to use up leftover veg.

Lunch: Sweet potato, avocado, quinoa and pesto bowl.

I’m always recipe testing and creating new workout programmes for my classes, so I’m home for lunch most days. This is a delicious hearty lunch – all it takes is sweet potato, avocado and homemade pesto mixed into quinoa.

Snack: Maple tamari almonds.

I keep a well-stocked snack drawer at home, full of some of my favourite nutritious snacks for when I’m feeling peckish. Almonds are a firm favourite, especially for when I need to just grab and go. I always carry a little tupperware of them in my handbag too. Sometimes, to make them a little more exciting, I’ll batch prep on a Sunday and roast them in delicious flavours – my favourite being maple tamari almonds.

Dinner: Lentil and coconut soup.

I love to make a big batch of this soup – then I pop a few portions in the freezer for a later date. Coconut milk makes every soup so creamy, perfect if you can’t eat dairy!

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Breakfast: Mushroom omelette.

A hearty breakfast before filming workout videos for my YouTube channel. A simple to make egg omelette with some sautéed mushrooms.

Lunch: Brown rice sushi.

A mid-week treat from Wholefoods – my own sushi never looks quite as good!

Snack: Banana bread.

This week I was experimenting for a new blog recipe, so I picked my way through a lot of the mixture, before enjoying a few bites fresh out of the oven!

Dinner: Chickpea penne with homemade sundried tomato sauce and spinach.

Penne made with chickpea flour is my current favourite comfort food – so delicious.

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Breakfast: Avocado toast with pomegranate seeds and lime.

A simple savoury breakfast. Rye bread and avocado – the perfect breakfast combo.

Snack: Raw almond gingerbread bars.

This recipe is another from my blog, using almonds, dates and ginger to create the most delicious energy bars. Almonds are an amazing source of plant-based protein – ideal for after my Thursday workout.

Lunch: Raw pad thai with tamari roasted almonds.

I’m demonstrating this dish soon at an upcoming health festival, so I’ve been practising it a lot lately. The best thing about working with food is getting to devour it afterwards. This recipe is one of my absolute favourites. You can find it on my blog here .

Dinner: Buckwheat noodles and vegetable stir-fry.

I had a few friends round this Thursday, so I needed to make something in batch that was easy and not too pricey. Squash, courgette, spinach, mushrooms, peppers and aubergine in coconut milk and lemon over buckwheat noodles – a delicious and nutritious 30 minute meal.

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Breakfast: Porridge with berries and a dollop of coconut yoghurt.

Coconut yoghurt tastes amazing on top of porridge; it adds a real creaminess as soon as you mix it in. I also like to stir in some frozen berries and a spoonful of flaxseeds.

Mid-morning snack: Trail mix: dried pineapple, roasted seeds, almonds and coconut pieces.

A really quick thrown together snack, straight from my snack drawer.

Lunch: Salmon with courgetti, roasted sweet potato and aubergine.

A result of a morning recipe testing. Protein packed, fresh and full of flavour.

Dinner: Dinner at Redemption Café.

I often go out for dinner with my friends on a Friday. Redemption Café is one of my favourite Notting Hill eateries. The salads are absolutely delicious!

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Breakfast: Granola, berries and vanilla coconut yoghurt.

A sweet start to the weekend. My granola is usually homemade with maple, cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Mid-morning snack: Fruit and nuts.

A handful of almonds with some fresh fruit – delicious and nutritious.

Lunch: Kale salad with roasted chickpeas and tahini dressing.

I massage the Kale with tahini dressing to soften the leaves – it takes no time, and is one of my favourite salads.

Dinner: Quinoa bean chilli.

This is a great protein-rich dinner, and a recipe from my blog. I eat this for dinner at least once a week as it’s so easy to make in batch!

Dessert: Raw chocolate ice cream.

Frozen bananas with coconut yoghurt and cacao powder blended. So yummy!

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Brunch: the rose latte from Farm Girl Café and the pumpkin porridge.

Sundays are for brunch with my girlfriends at my favourite spot. I love the rose latte at Farm Girl Café – it’s truly a feast for the eyes!

Early dinner: Squash and mushroom enchiladas.

Corn tortillas filled with tomato squash and enchilada mix.

Evening snack: Almond rocky roads.

The best way to end my week – these rocky roads may be a million miles healthier than any store bought version, but they don’t lack any of the flavour. This is one of the most popular recipes on my blog - and mine too! Check it out here .