My Week in Food: Olivia Cooney

Judy Johnson 30 July 2017
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My Week in Food

Olivia Cooney ditched her career in PR to create PopUp Fitness , a bespoke fitness company which counts Millie Mackintosh and Storm Models as clients, and which runs retreats in luxurious locations including Ibiza and the South of France. Olivia’s food philosophy? "Do not cut out food groups (or anything for that matter). You need carbs - you just need to eat the right ones in the right amount! If you work out then you must reward (and refuel!) your body with food, and if you live a healthy lifestyle throughout the week there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy a glass of champagne on the weekend. Don’t cut out things that you enjoy. Be it chocolate, champagne or pizza - the minute you ‘cut it out forever’ will be the moment you have put a black mark on your healthy routine. But try and sneak in something healthy to balance it out. You won’t feel so bad on Monday morning when you start back on the workouts and healthy food knowing that you are able to enjoy one of your favourite cheats at the end of the week."

But with a busy lifestyle training celebrities and socialites, what does her own food diary look like? We asked and Olivia delivered…

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Breakfast: Bran flakes and coconut milk and Earl Grey tea

Lunch: Sweet chilli infused beetroot frittata

Afternoon snack: For a little mid-afternoon perk me up I like to drink fresh juice of ginger, pineapple and cayenne pepper.

Dinner: Baked cod with asparagus, grilled tomatoes and potatoes

Tea/ Snack: After dinner it’s nice to unwind with a fresh lemon and ginger tea.

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Breakfast: Oats with chopped nuts and apple with coconut milk

Lunch: Homemade chunky vegetable soup full of broccoli, leeks and flavoured with limes, tamari and coriander. Yum!

Afternoon snack: Fresh coconut. Raw coconut is full of various nutrients like copper and zinc which is great for maintaining healthy body functions.

Dinner: Chicken stir fry

Tea/ Snack: An orange, cut into boats

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Breakfast:  Poached  eggs, sliced avocado and grilled salmon accompanied by a fresh lemon  and ginger tea

Lunch: A light leafy green salad and a light dressing

Afternoon snack: My favourite ‘pick me up’ is a latte made from a blend of oat milk and matcha. The caffeine in matcha is a natural energy booster and it has tonnes of antioxidant properties. Great for a mid-afternoon boost.

Dinner: Quinoa pasta with grilled tuna.

Tea/ Snack: Beetroot. The beauty of beetroot  is that it’s so versatile; precooked baby beetroots are so sweet they’re almost like fruit, making them the perfect healthy snack.

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Breakfast: A bowl of Maple and Pecan Granola with coconut shavings and strawberries

Lunch: Pesto courgetti with a rocket and tomato salad

Afternoon snack: Raw almonds

Dinner: Skinny chicken caesar salad with a boiled egg

Tea/ Snack: A fresh lemon and ginger tea

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Breakfast: Bran flakes, coconut milk and English breakfast tea

Afternoon snack: Chocolate beetroot energy balls

Dinner: A king prawn salad with fresh herbs and glass noodles

Tea/ Snack: Slices of fresh mango

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Breakfast: Protein pancakes (I love Neat Nutrition’s berry flavour protein powder, buckwheat flour, eggs and coconut milk) with a sprinkle of raspberries and blueberries

Lunch: Avocado boats filled with tuna tartare; grapefruit, quinoa and cream cheese; sliced beetroot, squash, cream cheese and pistachios; chicken, mango and chilli.

Afternoon snack:  Watermelon lollies

Dinner: Steak with grilled asparagus

Tea/ Snack: Sweet and sour popcorn

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Breakfast: One pan fry up of mushrooms, eggs, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes and sausages. All washed down with an English breakfast tea

Lunch: Homemade super “greens” smoothie

Afternoon snack: Dried fruit and nut mix from PuraYou

Dinner: Beetroot falafel wrap with baby tomatoes and salad

Tea/ Snack: Fresh lemon and ginger tea