My Week in Food: Pandora Symes

6 July 2015
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My Week in Food: Pandora Symes

Starting out in the hectic world of fashion and beauty PR,  Pandora’s  lifestyle may now be a lot more balanced but she is still just as busy. This wellness wonder has many strings to her bow and spends her time teaching yoga, consulting for health and wellness brands and running her food business,  ROOTED . Based on an anti-diet principle (something we’re very on board with at GTG), ROOTED hosts supper clubs, caters for events, offers a food delivery service and sells their healthy, nutritious food at East London yoga studio,  Stretch.

In my late teens and early twenties I had a difficult relationship with food and body image but as I’ve grown older I’ve learnt to listen to what my body needs. That’s where the strapline for ROOTED  came from: ‘Listen to your body and feed your soul’. For me, eating well means my body feels nourished and I feel energised. Women in particular are too hard on themselves so I’m all for practising a lot of self-love. Diet-wise, I have a very healthy appetite, eat mainly plant-based and try to avoid much refined sugar. Most of my dishes are vegan and I love the creativity this offers. I do however eat organic eggs, meat and fish when I feel like it. I do love a good glass of red wine, and most days too. I don't deprive myself and I keep the balance - I stay ROOTED!

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Breakfast: I have a friend over for breakfast so I whip up my favourite and signature Carrot Cake Smoothie along with pancakes. We top these with every condiment going; homemade almond butter, coyo yoghurt, date syrup and goji berries. I love a long, lazy breakfast. Have with a black coffee and lots of lemon water.

Lunch: Courgetti with a red pepper and tomato cashew pesto. I always have a courgetti dish on the ROOTED menu - it’s quick and easy to prepare and a favourite of our regulars.

Dinner: Leftovers from the ROOTED kitchen: our beetroot and coconut soup and a little more courgetti topped with chickpeas and goats cheese.

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Breakfast: I’m a big fan of smoothies in the morning and make them really thick by using almond or cashew milk in my vitamix - this way it fills me up for longer. Today is spinach, banana, orange zest, almond butter, cucumber, cinnamon (I use this in everything!), baobab and almond milk, topped with a little of the ROOTED Tahini and Banana granola. I make this at home and take it with me to yoga.

Lunch: After yoga, I work from a café and have a lentil soup with some bread. I usually stay away from gluten as much as possible but occasionally enjoy a good slab of brown bread.

Snack: I snacked on one of the ROOTED raw cacao and date balls and a cashew chai nut mylk at about 4pm.

Dinner: I work on a new courgetti recipe with avocado, goats cheese and pomegranate and have a glass of malbec at home.

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Breakfast: Green smoothie again. Today topped with leftover pomegranate from last nights creation and a black coffee.  I take dinner out of the freezer to thaw for later.

Lunch: I have a ROOTED raw chocolate brownie and a Cashew Turmeric Nut Mylk. Not an ideal lunch but I went for a 10k run midday and being busy cooking in the kitchen I needed something quick!

Dinner: I head home after yoga and heat up the soup which is butternut squash, carrot and tahini . I’m a big believer in batch cooking and freezing soups. This means you’ve always got something healthy and nutritious to heat quickly. I eat this with avocado on gluten free bread with coconut oil.

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Breakfast: I wake up super early and can't sleep so I just get up and get working. I hate tossing and turning and if my body is saying get up, I just do it! I’ll make the 7am yoga class so instead of eating anything heavy beforehand I have a Cocoface coconut water, blended with half of the flesh, cinnamon and a date.

Brunch: I head home and have the ROOTED almond chia pot, topped with berries and coyo.

Dinner: I roast some roasted butternut squash and have with an orange and tahini dressing and a small portion of beetroot and coconut soup. I head out to a friends exhibition and have a glass of red wine.

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Breakfast: I’m working on a beetroot and orange smoothie recipe so whip this up and top it with some coconut shavings, soaked almonds and cacao nibs.

Lunch: A key favourite of mine is turmeric raw sprouted humous which I devour every week. I have this with a mixed green Moroccan inspired salad, which was on our ROOTED RESET package that week.  I then head to the spa for a well deserved afternoon off.

Dinner: Head to the pub for a friends leaving drinks. We eat olives, humous and chips and I have 3 glasses of wine. I head home early as I have yoga school the next day.

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Breakfast: I take a nice long cycle down to Oval and knowing I have a two hour yoga practice ahead I don't eat beforehand. At 11am I have a big green smoothie with kale, orange, banana, wheatgrass, cinnamon, brazil nut butter and cashew mylk.

Lunch: I’m only in yoga school until lunchtime so I head to Federation Coffee in Brixton – my favourite coffee shop south of the river. En route I eat a lemon, turmeric, cinnamon and poppy seed muffin which I’d made for our Columbia Road stall before taking a wander and cycling the long journey home.

Dinner: I meet friends for Vietnamese and have two summer rolls with tofu and a prawn salad with mango, cabbage and carrot. I head to Electrowerks club with my friend from Black and Light Yoga Rave for some dancing. I have a beer over the course of the night and dance until 3am before cycling home - that’s my kind of workout!

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Breakfast: Up early to sell ROOTED from Stretch on Columbia Road market which I do each Sunday. It’s a great way of meeting customers face to face and spreading the word. Plus, I love the vibe on the market and it always puts me in a good mood for my Sunday afternoon off.  I make a Carrot Cake Smoothie which I eat whilst finishing off last minute baking and nut mylking.

Lunch: I grab a piece of mixed vegetable and feta Frittata. Something we always make for Columbia Road - it sells out every week!

Dinner: A roast with the girls; the way I like to end most weeks. I’ve not taken much time off in recent weeks so Sunday afternoons are always a treat, even if I have to go back to the kitchen to prep for the week or an event. I eat the nut roast and have two glasses of wine.