My Week in Food: Rachel Boardman

8 December 2014
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My Week In Food: Rachel Boardman

Rachel Boardman is a naturopath, iridologist and herbalist who helps clients transform their lives with her herbal and nutritional healing plans. What does this healthy lifestyle guru eat on an average week? We found out...

My eating philosophy is all based around balance. I have a family ranging in ages from baby to teen and because of this I do end up eating a very varied diet! As a practitioner I direct people towards an alkalising diet rich in organic seasonal vegetables and fruits and pulses and alkalising grains such as quinoa , spelt and amaranth. Additionally, I tend to tell them to avoid the mucous producing, acid forming white flours, sugars ,salt and dairy. Having said this, balance is key and I believe food is so delicious and such a joy in life that there is no point stressing about it to a ridiculous extent. In fact, stress is itself acid producing.

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Hot water and lemon

Nutribullet carrot juice

A cup of my own blend of Red Clover and Dandelion infusion from Wilder Botanicals

Yoghurt fruit pot: vanilla organic yogurt topped with River Ford's Muesli and seasonal chopped fruit

I always start the day with hot water and lemon to help flush out the liver from its over night cleansing and after that I I try and always have a nutribullet shake. My yoghurt fruit pot I make the night before in jam jar and pop in the fridge - this is the only way I can get my teen to eat fresh fruit!


Homemade carrot and coriander soup


Organic lamb chops with new potatoes and steamed spinach

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Hot water and lemon with  a little raw honey

Nutribullet shake: pear, apple, cucumber, carrot, spinach, coconut water, Udo's Choice Beyond Greens, a sprinkling of bee pollen and a squeeze of a lemon

Yoghurt pot

Toast and raw honey

Red Clover and Dandelion Infusion tea


Carrot and corainder soup from the day before with black pepper oat cakes

Through out the day:

New Mum Infusion from Wilder Botanicals: fennel, oats, nettle, balm, vervain

This helps with breastfeeding and supports the nervous system

Afternon snack:

Banana and some Green and Blacks chocolate


Chickpea and tuna salad with rocket, watercress and tomato with lemon & olive oil dressing

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Nutri bullet shake

Boiled egg and brown sourdough bread soldiers


Baked potato with butter and a mixed leaf salad of roasted fennel, thyme and tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil


Almonds and brazil nuts


Tagliatelle with sautéed garlic prawns and a tomato and rocket salad

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Nutri Bullet juice with added banana

Muesli and rice milk


Tomatoes from the farmers market with rocket , anchovies, red onion, croutons and a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing


Buck wheat pancakes with sautéed garlic mushrooms, cream fraiche and salad leaves

Buck wheat pancakes with Maple syrup

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Nutibullet shake with added banana

Fresh fruit salad

Buckwheat toast and jam


Humous, carrots , pitta , cucumber and smoked aubergine with some black peppered oat cakes

Hot chocolate with almond milk and a slice of polenta cake


Foil baked salmon with tomatoes , grated courgette and garlic served with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s  quick and easy recipe for sweet potato rosti

Organic red wine

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Fresh fruit salad


Shared with my baby but I ate the most!


Melrose & Morgans beetroot , roast carrot and pulse salad with sunflower seeds

Boiled organic chicken breasts in bay leaves and whole peppercorns with steamed broccoli, honeyed roasted carrots and wild rice


Roasted tomato pasta with fresh basil and pecorrino

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Nutri blend shake

Sourdough toast with avocado and chilli


Homemade courgette and potato soup with seeded sourdough toast and organic butter


Organic steak with roasted potatoes and broccoli with chilli flakes