My Week in Food: Sophie Everard

11 August 2014
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My Week in Food: Sophie Everard

I have an absolute sh*t ton of energy.  I’m a land-locked surfer based in East London who gets her surf fix down in Devon every 3-5 weeks.   I recently qualified as a fitness instructor so will be bringing the stoke to Move Your Frame and other gyms soon, on the side of my full-time job managing PR for Oakley UK.  As they say, eating right is as important as all the hard work you do whilst exercising, and I take great pleasure in eating well, making sure I eat nutritious, tasty food packed with all the vital fats, proteins, carbs and nutrients that my body needs.  I really put it through its paces so it’s imperative that I eat right and treat it with love and care.

I’ve gradually moved away from eating meat.  It wasn’t something that happened overnight, it’s just occurred organically.  I’ve become a lot more concerned with the source and treatment of my food, particularly meat, and whilst I don’t call myself a bona fide vego as I still munch down on fish, meat is nearly completely absent from my diet now.  And you know what?  Even though I am working out like a fiend/doing weights every week, my body isn’t crying out for meat.  The protein and nutrients I get from plants/fish/nuts is totally sufficient! I don’t drink much alcohol, maybe once every few weeks, and feel all the more chipper and chirpier for it.

I make myself a nutrient packed green smoothie , skins and all, every day.  Since I started doing this I noticed a huge difference to my skin, energy, overall wellbeing! I chuck in whatever veg I have going but always include spinach, green powder of some variety and chia seeds. I’ve always got almonds/nuts, coconut oil, green powder and chia seeds to hand, and eat plenty of rich, green leafy vegetables, oily fish, beans and pulses and take fish oils every day. Oh, and I also drink a bucket-load of water every day (about 4-5 litres!).

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Brekkie: Bee pollen, jumbo oats, almonds, banana, black coffee. Made sure I had oats for the up-coming lunchtime gym session which was going to be a big one!

11am: Green tea. Spoonful of almond butter and some soreen for pre-gym energy boost

Lunch - Gym: Kettle bells, vibe, interval training

Lunch: After a seriously savage session in the gym (I went hard after a bit of a boozy weekend down in Cornwall where I was putting on a surf competition) I needed a protein hit so made myself an enormous salad of tuna, boiled eggs, beets, broccoli, spinach, chick peas, avocado and hummus, and Vita Coco to replenish my body.

Snack: Green smoothie: kale, ice, ginger,chia, spinach, celery, green powder

Dinner: Huge frittata with spinach, aubergine, peas, sweet potato

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Double espresso for an energy hit before the gym – 5k run (interval training), 20 mins weights/circuits

Brekkie: Greek yoghurt for a post-gym protein hit with banana, blueberries, almonds, jumbo oats. Green tea, vats of it!

Lunch: Tuna, boiled egg, beet, broccoli, spinach, chick pea, avocado, houmous salad (same as yesterday!). Grazed on nuts, Naked bar

Green juice: Apple, kale, spinach, ginger, chia, coconut oil, green powder, ice

Dinner: Roast salmon with aubergine and tomatoes, steamed broccoli

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Double espresso before Box Fit!

Brekkie: Yoghurt with banana, almond butter, jumbo oats, blueberries and bee pollen

Snack: Cucumber and humous

Lunch: Mackerel, spinach, green bean, avocado salad. Blueberry Greek yoghurt, apple

Dinner at a friend's: Spinach, roast mushroom, broccoli, courgette and pinenut salad, cannellini and kidney bean salad, olives, halloumi

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Today was my rest day.

Brekkie: Greek yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, coconut, blueberries, jumbo oats

Snacks: Naked rhubarb and custard bar, apple

Lunch: Spinach, poached salmon, beets, boiled eggs, carrot, sugar snap pears, Ryvita. Green juice!

Dinner: Avocado and eggs on wholemeal bread, side of roast butternut squash

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Quick run/free weights/circuits.

Brunch: Eggs with spinach, courgettes, green juice

Green juice: Celery, ice, green power, kale, apple, spinach, chia

Snacks: Naked bar, nuts, houmous with cucumber and carrots

Dinner: Cooked for a friend : my warm tuna nicoise: roasted peppers, anchovies, green beans olives, tuna steak, baked eggs, spinach, broccoli, garlic, tomatoes

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Brekkie: Yoghurt with pumpkin seeds blueberries almonds. Green tea

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta with green beans, beats, quinoa, chickpeas, olives, spinach, houmous

Green juice with celery, apple, kale, spinach, green powder

Power yoga class

Dinner: Rye bread with avocado, steamed broccoli, chickpeas, tapenade, olive oil, grilled aubergines

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Double espresso for an energy hit before interval training and kettlebells!

Brunch: Scrambled eggs on wholemeal bread with tomatoes

Snacks: Eat Natural bar, nuts, yoghurt, Conscious raw mint chocolate  – as good as choccy gets!  Made from cacao, coconut butter, carob, Himalayan salt and agave nectar

Dinner: 2 eggs, spinach/lentil/broccoli/bean soup, greek yoghurt, Ryvita