We thought our diets were pretty good, until Nutritionist Vicki Edgson kept a diary of her meals for a week and put us all to shame

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What does a nutritionist eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We quizzed Vicki Edgson and challenged her to keep a diary of her meals for a week. We’re not going to lie, we were hoping to see a few bad habits in there to make us feel better, as well as some much-needed inspiration on making salads and vegetables more exciting.

Unsurprisingly, Vicki has proven she very much believes in practising what you preach. “Every day is a new challenge,” Vicki told us. “Think of variety, nutrient content and nourishment - the perfect trilogy!"


Breakfast: Morning green smoothie. I love dreaming up these recipes - cucumber, mint, avocado, broccoli, chia seed and CocoFace coconut water - what's not to like?

Lunch: Cream of fennel and celeriac soup with turmeric and coconut water (homemade) for lunch on day one - I am a big fan of soup and had a fabulous delivery from Riverford Cotswolds to challenge my cooking skills! I couldn't be without my Vitamix.

Dinner: Quinoa salad with pomegranate, spinach, artichoke and a tahini and orange dressing.


Breakfast: Avocado on toasted pumpernickel.

Lunch: Leftover quinoa salad with pomegranate, spinach, artichoke and a tahini and orange dressing, but for lunch I added some flakes of wild salmon.

Dinner: Roasted vegetables with lentils and greens.

Wednesday (in the office)

Breakfast: Earl Grey tea and Alfonso mango (as this is the only time of the year you can get them in abundance) with chia seed, Purition Bodysculpt Seed Mix Protein Powder and coconut water. I could hold my plank for 2 minutes this morning!

Lunch: Office lunch salad - always with sprouted 'living' food ingredients for added energy. Grated beetroot and radish over mixed baby spinach and rocket, with grilled mixed vegetables, drizzled with mirin, lime juice and almond butter dressing.   Salads rarely taste this good from the supermarket. Remember the salad rules: At least three different leaves, and 7-8 different raw vegetables to make this truly hearty. Think of your salads as a main dish and not just on the side.

Dinner: Rosemary-poached organic salmon fillet with broccoli, mange tout and ginger - this is a favourite easy evening meal and I cook it at least twice a week, trying different teas, herbs and spices. Light but packed with nutrients, I might add some quinoa or red camargue rice for added energy - divine.


Breakfast: Benugo Superfoods porridge at Waterloo station on my way to Grayshott.

Lunch: Leftover cold rosemary-poached organic salmon fillet with broccoli, mange tout and ginger with some added greens, spinach and kale.

Dinner: Spinach, leek, corn tortilla with roasted beetroot and butternut squash soup (both homemade); soup was to die for, if I do say so myself!


Breakfast: Avocado in toasted spelt at breakfast meeting at Granger's Westbourne Grove - where does Bill find these amazing avocados? The only ripe ones in town. This is my favourite breakfast which I have at least twice a week when breakfasting with clients - why not stay green at the start of the day?

Lunch: Divine salad with rose endive, roasted aubergine, crackled cashew, pomegranate and sprouted seeds courtesy of my favourite chef, Peter Gordon, at the Providores in Marylebone High Street.

Dinner: Pan-fried mackerel (packed with omega-3 essential fats to feed my skin), atop delicate mixed leaves, red pepper (blanched briefly to remove the wind factor for some) with queen scallops and a taro and mirin dressing (favourite of mine!).


Brunch: Avocado on toasted pumpernickel. Very high in minerals and B vitamins - this is a power-packed lunch-in-a-hurry and one of my regulars when I'm not having it for breakfast!

Snack: Bounce Balls - my absolute number one handbag snack - don't leave home without them!

Dinner: Fresh fish - love experimenting with fish - always best baked, roasted, grilled or poached whole. Remove the head after you have eaten the cheeks and consider it a kiss to the fish who gave his life for you! I eat fish at least three times a week and usually home-cooked.

Dessert: A not-so-naughty pudding I had to try at a gorgeous little organic home-cooking restaurant. This is raw cacao with ground locally-harvested almonds, maca powder and fresh pulped acai berries. Too delicious for words - shared it with my partner, as far too much goodness on my own! All those potent antioxidants made me want to weep with joy!


Brunch: 3-egg power omelette with chopped scallions and tomatoes and sprouted purple cress.

Dinner: Farmers’ market, Bute street SW3 - hardly anyone knows about this superb, though small, farmers’ market at the weekend. Favourite stroll through on my way to eggs benedict at Carluccio's or Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea Green. Picked up lots of vegetables for a hearty, homemade stew.