My Week in Food: Xochi Balfour

16 April 2015
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My Week in Food: Xochi Balfour

Having always been fascinated by food and wellness Xochi’s interest in nutrition was ignited when she and her partner Ben started their own healthy (and charitable) street food business in 2012. Consequently Xochi then decided to go back to studying and trained as a naturopathic nutritional therapist and the rest, as they say, is history. Now alongside running  Rainbo , writing and consulting for wellness brands and updating her beautiful  Instagram , Xochi shares healthy recipes, natural beauty products and much much more on her  blog .

I believe in eating a nourishing, balanced and predominantly plant-based diet with an emphasis on well sourced whole food ingredients and as few processed things as possible. I apply this philosophy to my skin as well and avoid any chemicals or ingredients I can't pronounce. In the mornings, I like to heap as many superfoods as I can into my smoothies or on my porridge, setting me up for the day, wherever it will take me. I drink coffee when I really need it but otherwise rely on my thermos and an endless stream of Pukka teas. I choose a lot of what I eat based around the cravings and messages my body is giving me: there is an innate wisdom in us that tells us what we need, but slowing down to listen is not always easy. For example in the summer I eat more raw food but in winter I get super cold and am drawn towards warm things. Finally, I don't know what I would do without my Vitamix; from nut whips and cacao mousse to face masks and milks, it whizzes its way through every day.

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Breakfast: Green smoothie made with spinach, kale, almond butter, wheatgrass, cacao, psyllium husk, pear and almond milk followed by a Pukka tea

Lunch: Baked sweet potato with feta, rocket, tahini, hemp oil and lemon juice

Dinner: Mung bean pasta a la Riverford with broccoli, anchovies and chilli and a big green salad with dijon and hemp oil. Followed by a Pukka night time tea

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Breakfast: Porridge with cacao, blueberries and coconut followed by tea made with homemade almond milk and xylitol - I keep drinking this tea all day

Lunch: A big warming bowl of brown rice with steamed kale, miso and almond butter, a soft boiled egg and some warm beets

Afternoon snack: Cacao superfood energy balls

Dinner: A grilled organic steak, steamed broccoli and an avocado and rocket salad washed down with a glass of red wine. For dessert I have a Coyo yogurt with raspberries ad bee pollen.

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Breakfast: Green smoothie made with spinach, kale, almond butter, wheatgrass, cacao, psyllium husk, pear and almond milk

Mid morning: Bulletproof coffee with butter and NCT oil

Lunch: Roast tomato and coconut spiced soup with halloumi, brown rice, avocado and oregano

Dinner: Wild salmon with new potatoes and steamed kale, lemon and butter. For dessert I have a cinnamon and goji chocolates

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Breakfast: Goat yoghurt with blueberries, raw honey, cocoa, walnuts and hemp seed

Lunch: Miso and tahini soup with carrots, wakame, sweet potato, kale, broccoli and brown rice

Afternoon: Pukka tea

Dinner: Roast jerusalem artichokes with thyme, porcini mushrooms and goat's cheese with a a big green salad dressed in lemon and oil. For dessert I have date and brazil nut whip with fruit

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Breakfast: Miso porridge with avocado, crispy kale and barley cup with a homemade nut mylk

Lunch: Red lentil dahl with black quinoa, spinach and broccoli

Dinner: Roast chickpeas and cauliflower with tarragon, dijon and apple cider vinegar served with a big salad of all the greens from the fridge and a glass of red wine

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Breakfast: Coffee with nut milk and buckwheat pancakes with almond butter and goji chia jam

Lunch: Avocado and poached egg on Biona gluten free toast and a red cabbage salad with dijon and oil

Dinner: Polenta and porcini mushrooms with leeks and thyme

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Breakfast: Raw buckwheat bircher muesli with gojis and cinnamon and a cup of Pukka tea

Lunch: Beet burgers with avocado, mango and feta

Dinner: Vegetable and cashew massaman curry with black rice. For dessert I have chickpea blondies with cacao avocado icing - lots of them!