From morning smoothies to evening cocktails we tried the new Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry and put its versatility to the test

Written in partnership with Ocean Spray

We all have our little routines, whether it's the perfect evening skincare routine or a weekly exercise one. But we’re betting that you also have a drinking routine, whether you realise it or not - tea at 7am, coffee at 11am, fizzy drink at 3pm sound familiar? We’re also betting that, unlike your skincare and exercise routines, it hasn’t changed in a while.

That’s where the new Ocean Spray® Pink Cranberry comes in. This super smooth, low-calorie cranberry-based juice drink is the perfect fusion of pink, red and white cranberries. Because of this, it’s sweeter (it contains no added sugar or artificial colours), lighter and fruitier than regular cranberry juice and that makes it not only really easy to drink but super versatile. Elevate your go-to drinks to add some new excitement, and vitamin C benefits, or try it on its own for a delicious and refreshing drink.

And if you need any more reasons to give Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry a try, then how about the fact that Ocean Spray cranberries are grown by a cooperative of over 700 experienced cranberry farmers, who farm their cranberries with pride. All profit goes back to the farmer families. On average, for every one acre of cranberry farm, 5.5 acres of surrounding natural lands, such as wetlands, forests, and grasslands are conserved. Plus, 5p from every carton sold is donated to breast cancer trust The Pink Ribbon Foundation that funds projects and provides financial support to UK charities helping people suffering and affected by breast cancer.

So when Ocean Spray challenged us to elevate our everyday routines we were thrilled to give it a go. Here’s how team GTG got on with Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry…

Victoria Woodhall, Editorial Director, added it to her morning smoothie

“Mornings are when I make my ‘everything’ smoothie: greens powder, milled linseeds, collagen powder, frozen peas (they are rich in protein and I promise you can’t taste them) plus my homemade nut milk. And you’d be right in thinking that this needs something extra to make it tasty. Adding a splash of Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry was ideal as it’s sweet but not too sweet and has vitamin C too. It definitely elevates the experience. If you’re not a smoothie fan but love a collagen powder, which can have an aftertaste in plain water, Pink Cranberry is a great way to take it, simply stir it in and enjoy.”

SJ Corfield-Smith, Beauty Director, swapped out her usual 3pm fizzy drink

“Not only do I have an insatiable sweet tooth but I am a creature of habit, which means Monday to Friday at 3pm (almost to the minute) I leave my desk to find a can of something fizzy to power me through the final part of the day. Swapping in Pink Cranberry was a revelation. It is sweeter than red cranberry juice, which I can find quite tart and leaves my mouth feeling dry, but unlike my fizzy drinks it doesn’t contain any artificial sugar so, surprise surprise, I didn’t have my usual sugar crash afterwards. It’s also more refreshing. This creature of habit has changed things up.”

Isla Huffadine, Content Coordinator, mixed it into cocktails

“Girls’ nights are a highlight for me. Whether we’re lounging in our pyjamas watching rom-coms or glamming up for a night out, one thing is a non-negotiable; there must be a cocktail in hand. I like my drinks to be as delicious as they are aesthetic. Adding Pink Cranberry to my usual concoction made for a delightful twist, and with no added sugar it’s a definite win for those seeking ‘healthier’ alternatives. The cocktail blend of lime, mint and your choice of spirit perfectly balances the subtle sweetness of the Pink Cranberry and who doesn’t love a pink cocktail.”

Kerry Potter, Contributing Editor, used it as a post-run refresher

“I go for a run at the crack of dawn three mornings a week which is obviously a healthy habit - but somewhat less healthily, I’m not brilliant at rehydrating afterwards. I tend to forget, in the rush to get to work, or I struggle to gulp down gallons of water - I find it a bit, well, boring. However, I enjoyed taking a minute, while doing my post-run stretches, to try Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry. It tastes completely different to classic cranberry juice, it quenched my thirst and it’s delicately flavoured, which worked for me as I can’t bear anything too strong tasting first thing. And, pleasingly, its pretty pale pinkiness matched my hoodie. (Shallow, moi?!)

Ocean Spray® Pink Cranberry is available in Tesco stores nationwide from April 2024, alongside Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and independent stores (RRP £1.85).  For cocktail and mocktail recipe suggestions, go to: