You can almost guarantee that a celeb's hangover is even worse than your everyday citizen's, given their lavish partying - so if Poppy Delevingne herself swears by this hangover cure, we want in says Ayesha Muttucumaru

If the after-effects of many a festive season shenanigan have the potential of making you feel a little, ahem, fragile the morning after the night before, take inspiration from Poppy Delevingne and her 40-strong guestlist of hen party goers last weekend and stock up on their hangover cure of choice - The Hangover Cure Smoothie from NOSH , £14.97.

Containing a hefty dose of vitamin C to aid the liver in dealing with the toxic build up that perhaps one too many Jägerbombs/sambucas/tequilas were responsible for, the antioxidants go some way in helping to mop up the nasty free radicals released during the body’s metabolic function of breaking down said alcohol - and help you feel a lot better in the process too.

Furthermore, it contains super berry acai to provide a source of slow release energy and also superfood chia seeds  which are rich in omega-3 to bind toxins and safely remove them from the body.

So next time you wake up with a hangover the size of which could effectively sedate a hippo, forget the greasy fry-ups, forgo the fizzy drinks and replace red wine with this healthy red juice for an anti-oxidant rich post-party punch to help get you back on the party season bandwagon post haste.