What do beauty’s best do to prepare for the day ahead? 6 women at the top of their games gave us a glimpse into their morning routines

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When it comes to starting your day in the most productive way possible, do you find that more often than not your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone straight to the Snooze button for a few more precious minutes of sleep?

As enticing as that can be, that extra hour or so in the morning could prove to be the helping hand we need to ensure we’re better prepared for the day’s challenges. We asked 6 successful beauty  and wellness  industry experts for a glimpse into their early bird routines to provide us with some much-needed daybreak motivation. From pre-work prep to energy-boosting shakes, here’s how to manage your morning like a pro.

Alessandra Steinherr

Beauty Director, GLAMOUR magazine

“I usually wake up between 6.30 and 7am as I like taking my time to get ready - it’s my favourite part of the day.

“I have pretty much the same routine every day when I’m working. The first thing I do is reach for my phone, but because I do that, I’ve now started to charge it in the kitchen so that I have to get up and on my way, open the fridge and have a shot of aloe vera juice. It’s so good for digestion and gets everything going. Then I’ll have a glass of water and add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar which I’ll drink as I’m checking my phone.

“In terms of social media, the first thing I check is Instagram - I’m obsessed with it! If there’s an important email that pops up on my phone I’ll look at that too, followed by my texts and then Whatsapp. Then, I’ll scan The New York Times for news as I have the app on my phone as well.

“I’ll make myself a tea and as it cools down, I’ll have a shower. I love Elemis’ Skin Nourishing Shower Cream , £24, as it’s really hydrating and if there’s time, I’ll put on some moisturiser - Vaseline’s Spray & Go Aloe Body Moisturiser , £4.99, as it’s fast. I’ll then put on my dressing gown, go into the kitchen and have my tea as it sinks in.

“After that, I’ll wash my face and put on a serum and moisturiser. While waiting for those to sink in, I’ll get dressed and then do my makeup. Once my makeup’s done, I’ll have a morning shake using Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein powder , £48 - it’s amazing. A lot of whey proteins out there are perhaps better for men and bulking up, so it’s great that Elle has created one specifically for women that is made of sprouted brown rice instead. It tastes good too - a bit like cocoa powder (I love chocolate), so I mix it with almond milk, frozen cherries, chia seeds and a quarter avocado to make it creamier.

“I’m not exercising at the moment as I hurt my lower back but I want to get back into it. I’ve been so inspired by Susannah and Freedom2Train , so I’m going to start by doing two sessions a week with Steve Mellor . He’s going to give me a program to help me get back into it, so I’m hoping to incorporate that too into my morning routine soon as I think exercise first thing is the best - it sets you up for the day.”

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Liz Earle MBE

Liz Earle, co-founder of Liz Earle Beauty Co and founder of Liz Earle Wellbeing

“I can’t get out of bed without a cup of Earl Grey tea, so I have a Teasmade beside the bed which wakes me up. I always take my Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser  (obviously) and muslin cloth, £15.50, into the shower with me and follow a super-simple mantra of ‘Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise.’

“Since working on the new Liz Earle Superskin Face Serum , £48, I absolutely have to add this in too as it works so well to lift and brighten my ageing skin - so now it’s, ‘Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturise,’ which is new for me. I start reading my emails over breakfast and will often upload an Instagram pic while waiting for an egg to boil. Living on an organic farm, I am spoiled by the glossy brown speckly eggs from my Marans hens. I find a simple boiled egg with a fresh juice the absolutely perfect way to start the day.”

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Nichola Joss

Sanctuary Spa Skincare Expert

“My morning routine is always very similar whether I am at home in London, or in my space in New York.

“I tend to wake up at around 6am. I try most mornings to do a 20 or 30 minute kundalini yoga session which I do at home - I find this clears my mind, awakens my body and activates my energy levels. It also gives my brain some space to look at the day ahead.

“After I bathe and take care of my skincare, (which is always cleansing, toning and serums using favourites such as Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Cleansing Oil , £13 and Therapist Secret Facial Oil , £17.50 - I incorporate a 2 minute massage to awaken my muscles and keep my skin toned and bouncy), then it’s breakfast, children and dog duties! The boys and I love blending fruits and coconut milk and I like to eat poached eggs. When I am working in London, I catch an early train which gives me time to catch up on emails and also do a little reading. If I am working from home, then I do the school run and head into my office and spend time with my assistant Sam. If I am in NYC, this changes slightly and I walk to work. I find the walks through the streets of New York in the morning are refreshing and relaxing.”

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Reena Hammer

Creative and Brand Director of the Urban Retreat Group

“Once my alarm goes off I always hit snooze for around five minutes, giving me time to fully wake up. I’ll then be greeted by Bruce my Chihuahua-Pug for a cuddle in bed while I check any emails that have come through in the night; this allows me to gauge if anything urgent has come up. I also have a little browse on Instagram.

“After a quick walk outside with Bruce, it’s into the bathroom myself, where I shower, clean my teeth using my Philips Sonic Toothbrush  which I couldn’t live without and then onto my face routine. I always wash my face with cold water in the morning. My routine begins with THE Cleanser from Urban Retreat , £20, and then twice a week I follow with THE Exfoliator from Urban Retreat , £30. I then use Valmont Just In Time Perfection , £136, which provides a natural look while protecting my skin against the elements, followed by a Sisley or La Prairie facial oil for extra hydration. My final step is applying Cover FX’s Calming Primer , £29, which acts as a second hit of moisture and completely calms my skin before makeup application.

“Now completely refreshed and ready to take on the day, I’ll choose my outfit tailored to who I am meeting and where. This normally takes about 10 minutes to perfectly accessorise.

“The final thing I do before leaving the house is my makeup, usually kept very clean with a NARS or Tom Ford base and concealer, blusher, mascara and depending on my day, a touch of eyeshadow. I always have loud music in the car on the way in, helping me to get motivated for the day ahead.

“Depending on the project, I will often prepare for my day at home doing the majority of emails or bigger spreadsheet work that needs full concentration before heading into the office and into meetings. It’s important to balance work and meetings, so by doing emails first and writing a physiological list I feel prepared and ready for the day ahead.

“I don’t have any children yet, just little Bruce, so that’s somewhat easier. I have never been very good have having breakfast before leaving the house as I never wake up hungry, however I know the importance of this so have recently made it a valuable part of my morning routine. I do Bikram yoga one day a week before work and then the rest of week after work or at the weekend.”

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Jo Malone MBE

Founder & Creative Director, Jo Loves

“My morning routine has always has been the same – I am definitely a creature of habit! The first thing I do is enjoy a cup of strong builder’s tea that my husband brings me in bed. We have been married for thirty years and he never forgets! I then take my border terrier for a walk which is one of the only quiet moments I have and so I use this time to think about the things I need to do that day.

“As soon as I get back home, I jump in the bath, get dressed, tidy up and make breakfast for my husband and my son which is normally lots of fresh fruit and a green vegetable juice. I work from home most days and so start by making lists of everything I need to achieve – both professionally and personally - and love the moment I can cross off my ‘jobs’ as I do them!

“I’m at my most energised first thing and so all of my creative work is done in the morning. I’ve been known to start testing new fragrances from the second I wake up!”

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Krishna Montgomery

Founder of Monty PR

“I always sleep with the blinds in my bedroom open about 10 inches so that the sunlight wakes me up. I don’t need an alarm clock as I have two gorgeous little humans (Lily, 8 and Ray, 7) who as a certainty will be jumping up and down on our bed at 6.30am. I usually plan what I am going to wear the night before, alongside putting their school uniforms out so there is one thing less to think about.

“My bedside table also acts as a test lab for our clients’ new products and I am much better at using products in the morning than at night.  My absolute favourites are NIOD Copper Serum , £60, followed by their Hyaluronic Serum , £38, and Sarah Chapman’s Dynamic Defence , £44, before her Skin Insurance SPF 30 , £44. I usually put my makeup on as the kids are eating breakfast - it’s a very minimal routine.

“Shabir at Victoria Health  has suggested some brilliant supplements to me which make an enormous difference to how I feel – the Mega ProBiotic , £18.50, and NHS Labs Hyaluronic Acid Capsules , £35, are fantastic. Breakfast is a smoothie, usually green and made up following one of Amelia Freer’s recipes and then a cup of coffee. I try not to look at emails or social media in the morning as this is family time. Then it’s a case of brushing teeth, hair, finding hats, shoes and blazers, feeding the cat and then all tumbling out of the door on our bikes for the 15 minute cycle to school – this is one of my favourite parts of the day as we have a beautiful trip through a park.

“Once I drop the kids off, I have a 10 minute walk into the Monty office on which I try and resist the temptation to go and get a coffee. I have been using this time to listen to one of the Headspace  apps and if not, I listen to some rousing music to motivate myself for the day head.”

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