What does the man behind the fit bodies of Daisy Lowe and Suki Waterhouse eat? We found out...

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Unless you’ve been on hiatus from modern technology of late you’ll know that Russell Bateman is not only the founder of the The Skinny Bitch Collective but he’s also the name on every fitness enthusiast's lips as well as on the Instagram feeds of everyone from Suki Waterhouse and Daisy Lowe to Millie Mackintosh. Responsible for honing and toning the limbs of athletes and supermodels alike, GTG caught up with the trainer du jour to find out exactly what food fuels a runway-worthy body...

Russell says: "My food diary is a great snapshot of how I eat on a daily basis. I have no guilty sensations before or after I eat because I indulge in organic, nutrient-rich foods that upgrade my mind and body. I eat high protein, healthy fat and quality enzyme based foods that help me stay lean, maintain muscle and function.

"Our carbohydrates of choice are fibrous green vegetables /  sweet potato and quinoa. My occasional cheat will always be a good quality cheese burger!

"I'm always drinking water and green tea and supplement with omega 3 oils and vitamin D. I have organic espresso before I train and never eat fruit beforehand. In fact the only fruit in my diet is berries.

"I don't drink alcohol and I embrace green juices and superfoods like maca and spirulina. Your body is going to be around a lot longer than an expensive handbag so invest in it!"


Breakfast: Eggs, grilled bacon avocado and mushroom

Lunch: Salmon and spinach with green tea

Afternoon snack: Raw chocolate qnola bars

Dinner: Turkey sweet potato, radish and pistachio


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs mashed with sauerkraut and quinoa

Lunch: Salad bowl from the Good Life Eatery, containing sweet potato falafel, extra chicken and raw Pad Thai

Dinner: Salmon fillet with tuna strips and guacamole from Ottolenghi


Breakfast: Smoked salmon with raw rainforest nut butter / bowl of berries with chia seeds

Lunch: Grass-fed beef, sweet mash and greens after a killer session of squats and deadlifts

Dinner: Lots of greens and cabbage with some wild salmon and parsnips


Breakfast: Grilled seabass with sweet potato and salad

Mid-morning: A treat - the SBC signature shake at Roots and Bulbs with a client after a session

Lunch: Raw homemade lasagne made with courgette and cashew cheese amongst other things - made by my girlfriend.

Dinner: Grass fed organic fillet with butternut squash and broccoli


Breakfast: Qnola with berries and coyo

Lunch: Poached eggs with beet slaw, sweet potato and avocado from the haberdashery

Afternoon treat: Raw rolo's (recipe on model mange tout blog )

Dinner: with friends at Gaucho Grill. Meat, veg and sweet potato - the winners!